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Thursday, January 3, 2008

how beautiful is she? a little print bought yesterday on Etsy

I've featured her blog Marmee Craft in my blog of the week awhile back. I love her blog and love all her things! please check out her little Etsy shop .

A perfect inspirational & beautiful visual for today Jan 03 - an otherwise tres bleak day. Not only do we have a Ton O' Snow but it's -17C and with the wind chill it feels like -27. Very sad face. However there is a bright spot, there always is a bright spot, it's just sometimes you really have to search for it. After today the temperatures will begin to climb, 0 by Sunday and a balmy +7C (yahoo!) by early next week. My wish is that those lovely warm temps be combined with high winds = melting drifts.

5:42 second cup of coffee, the fire's started and cracklin' and I have to get going and see if I can't dig out. It's a big job this morning and I can't count on the snow plough fairies, although I'm sure they're out there, flitting about, scoopin' and blowin', with their big tractors and helping out where they can. I like shoveling in the dark, I like to pause and take my break and look up into the sky, which is so often clear and bright, after a storm, and filled with twinkling stars.

7:26 am - brrrrrrrr it's cold out there ... it's funny how shoveling out always seems to be easier then first anticipated. I'm done the driveway and walkway to les chiens mobile, also the path to the bird feeders, a little later I'll go out and shovel a path or two for Jake & Winnie Dixon in their yard and finish with the walkway to the street.

some things that have made me smile this morning ...

- mittens and fleece headbands warmed on radiators
- PC brand 3 ply tissue with lotion (try it once and you'll be hooked)
- a flesh coloured pot of Blistex regular lip balm
- the stillness & quiet of standing out on Black Street at 6:00am
- my eternal optimism (I'm not sure where it comes from - but I'm sure glad it's there)
- the welcome I received from dogs Jake & Winnie upon coming in from an hour of shoveling. Oh the kisses!
- poached eggs on toast
- CBC radio 1

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  1. Sounds like you're doing ok! Happy New Year, and enjoy the quiet.


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