Saturday, January 5, 2008


Another photo that I love, reminds me of a painting or an illustration. Jake's still feeling a little under the weather this morning - just not quite his exuberant self although he did eat the cat food (and eating is always a very good sign), he did not bark boisterously for me to put the plates down on the floor for him (our normal early morning drill). I slept last night on a twin mattress on the living room floor in front of the fire, beside him, all night. The cats (all 4 of them) nearly drove us nuts, obviously they were not keen on this new sleeping arrangement, although sometime through the night Oliver did settle down and draped himself over me to sleep, as he is want to do. Winnie Dixon curled up on the tiny mattress with me and Jake slept soundly all night and did not seem in any discomfort.

So ... who knows. I think we'll make an appointment at our regular vet for Monday and I'm sure that there's a very good chance that I may hear something from our vet, that I don't want to hear, I mean he is 13 (that's quite senior for a golden retriever). I've thought about this a lot, and you know, I don't think it's really denial I'm in, it's really just a sad place, and an ever hopeful place. No one really knows your dog like you do, only I really know how incredibly healthy he is most of the time and I know it's possible that what ever is going on with him is not necessarily some big, bad, grave thing but could also be some chronic senior dog thing. I'm not prepared to go all doom and gloom because of two (a week apart) episodes of sickness. Not when the rest of the time he's bucking & galloping, rolling & jumping and being his normal crazy self. I do know from recent past experiences that I would never allow him to suffer ... but I am also not someone who, at the first sign of decline, would be ready to say goodbye.

It's such a very fine and shitty line, that line, that lies between realism and optimism.

mid rub & roll in lovely green grass - my goof, my Noodle, my hero

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andre jordon - right on Andre


  1. Oh Susan - I hope he is ok - You know how it is when you get older -sometimes you can't digest some of the food you eat like you used to -I am sure dogs have the same thing considering he is hip hopping all over the place between bouts. Keep optimistic! Fingers crossed here. Love Joni

  2. I know exactly how you feel as I been where you are. Follow your heart with counsel from your head, however most of all let Jake tell you what he wants...
    Healing thoughts and comfort are sent from this side of the province.

  3. count me in too Susan, with good thoughts for you and Jake.

    You are so right....that top pic looks very much like a watercolour painting. Love it.

  4. 4pm The Jake Report -thank you all so much for your healing good thoughts. We had two lovely long walks with our gang in much milder weather, he's doing really well this afternoon, and seems once again back to his normal self and his mother's sighing a big ol' sigh of relief and gratitude. It is a great comfort to me that you've all gotten to know my Noodle dog.


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