Sunday, January 13, 2008

pink carnations

Sunday morning - and today is the 4th day. The 4th day since Thursday morning (early) which is when my boy Jake had his last gastro badness attack. He's been increasingly fantastic since then, way back to his normal silly self. Plenty of begging of treats and of food of any kind, on our walks he's been full of energy & vigor, everything seems back to normal again. He's lying here on the floor near me, snoring softly.

Bleet is picking at my pajama bottoms, with his little claws as I type which means that I must get up and follow him, and he will surely show me what he wants. He just came in from his early morning go out the front door, circle the house and come back in with the dog's through their door early morning ritual - so I don't think that he wants out, maybe he needs the dish of crunchy cat food topped up ? Lulu and Winnie are both curled up here on the sofa with me and the kittens Gussie & Oliver are getting geared up for their morning high speed, squealing, skittle action, up and down the stairs as fast as they can go, pinging off arm chairs and basically burning off some of that early morning kitten steam.

Yesterday afternoon, we walked in sunshine and incredibly warm temperatures, with friends Deb & Maggy Sue and it felt so much like spring. Back along the beach, which has once again been revealed, gone and melted is the huge layer of ice that had covered it. Up the red clay cliff (which is now red clay muck), trying to step only on grassy bits so that we don't slip and fall, up to the lighthouse and back down the cottage lane to the car. The ground is very mucky, wet and smells only of melting & thaw.

Life is good at 29 Black St. this second Sunday in January, life is very good.

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  1. Oh that is such a beautiful photo!!! Have a great weekend, Susan!


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