double chocolate

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

double chocolate crunch cereal ? and triple chocolate chunk cookies

or things you buy when you're skipping down the aisles of the Superstore singing to yourself at the top of your lungs - hey Noodle you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind, hey Noodle ... hey Noodle. Foods that seemed appealing after spending the previous 24 hrs with a big ol' knot in my stomach and a catch in my throat - comfort food I guess. I must say also, in my defense, I was quite captivated by the beauty of the Double Chocolate Crunch Cereal box - for a cereal box you gotta admit it's pretty spectacular. Helvetica at it's finest (actually I've been corrected, it's Avant Garde - the perfectly round O's should have been a dead give away to me as they were, clearly, for Miss Patti - now I'm wondering about the differences between Futura and Avant Garde ?). But hey, don't you love it when everyday things come in beautiful, well designed packages.

I spent a good part of last evening googling abdominal discomfort dog - and kept coming up with pancreatitis, over and over again. I'm not sure why it didn't come up yesterday, at the vets, as a possibility, but after thoroughly researching the disorder myself I've decided to treat Jake as if he may have pancreatitis. Possible causes of this disorder include Hypothyroidism (check),
Corticosteroids (Prednisone) medications (check) he frequently has been on a very low dose of Prednisone to combat his extreme itchiness & allergies, Bacterial & Viral infections - let's not forget the infamous poop fest of November in which we decided that his terrible bout of diarrhea was likely caused by eating some dead thing, or some bad poop (possible check), and High Fat Foods (sheepish check).

I'll confess, right here and now, that as soon as we left the vet yesterday, I parked the car at Walmart and skipped & danced my way into the store, to pick up a new retractable lead for Miss Dixon and I made a stop at the golden arches, uh huh, MacDonalds. A sausage egg McMuffin pour moi (a secret guilty pleasure of mine), and a sausage McMuffin for the boy. Well, he hadn't had his breakfast and he is 13 - you think to yourself how much could it hurt to feed him crap, at his age ? and he loved every bite (all 22 gms of fat). 4 hours later he was having one of those episodes. Related ? Who knows, but it's certainly worth a try to treat him as if he does have pancreatitis.

This morning as I drink my coffee and ponder yesterday, I'm remembering and reviewing my lengthy conversations with God, there was much wheeling & dealing prior to our appointment and then lots of praising & thanking aprés the vet. I'm remembering that I did cut a deal with God, or was it the devil, that if Jake could please be healthy, then I would promise to quit, finally, eating all crap, junk & comfort food and walk the straight and narrow nutrition path that I do long to walk. To finally lose those pounds, that sit on each years list of resolutions, finally and for good.

So ... now when the boy is pleading with me to share some of my loot with him, as I sit watching TV curled up on the sofa, I will no longer share a potato chip or 2 or 3 with him (head hung in shame) but I will share cauliflower chunks or pineapple tidbits (two foods thankfully, we both love). We'll do this together, Jake & I, we'll both begin our low fat, no crap regime today.

Love him.


  1. Glad to hear Jake is okay! Sounds like a good plan you're undertaking too...for both of you.

    And, um...that's not helvetica - it's avant garde. Perfectly round O's, uniform letter thickness, it's a dead giveaway ;-) Did you hear someone made a movie about Helvetica? I'm dying to see it but I can't find it online.

    Speaking of fonts and animals - I was at PetSmart with a friend yesterday and we were looking at the cats they had up for adoption. I happened to notice the cats' names written on the description cards: Italics and Tilde. Isn't that a blast! I guessed they must have been pre-owned by a graphic designer, my friend thought it was a writer. Either way, great names, eh?

  2. You know I wondered if I should be so bold as to declare that font Helvetica. I wasn't positive and I did stop to wonder should I check that? being a former, and occasionally still, graphic designer and all. Well, Avant Garde never looked so good. Thanks for the correction Patti! (although I really wish it was Helvetica - that just would've been way too cool).

  3. You could have slipped Helvetica past me. I wouldn't have a clue. When I first read it I thought it was some form of design... lol....

    okay...perfect! You can do some testing of your own for Jake. although, I can't for the life of me figure out why they can't just take a blood test and tell if there is cancer, or any other damn thing in his body. Doctors and vets are all slipping to much lower rungs on their ladders in my books.

    If you have been letting him have a fair bit of fat....(MacDonalds..ick, I can't even think about eating there myself, but how about a Whopper once a year? that would be my choice) could be the culprit. Do dogs have a gall bladder? Hmmmm.... fatty diet? ....discomfort?..... farting? .... sounds just like my sister years ago when she had a gall bladder problem. Good thing she doesn't read blogs..hahahha...she would be embarrassed to hear that I told.

    ..... I also have to tell you; I have two friends (well, now they are just acquaintances) that killed their dogs within only 2 and 4 years respectively...feeding themselves and their dogs sausages, cheese and other crap. It was very sad for me... they didn't seem to get it and resented me saying anything about what they were feeding "their" animals. I was told to butt I did.

    Yep..if you just start to eat better won't even have the "baddies" (as I call them) in the house. I grate or chunk and freeze cheese so it is out of sight. I like to snack on popcorn..and if I feel the need for salty buttery popcorn.. I melt a teeeensy bit and drizzle it and then toss the popcorn in a huge bowl. It picks up a little more flavour but only has the tiniest bit of fat in it. Or, I have a Stoned Wheat Thin or 4... low sodium too as I have blood pressure probs..... I try to nibble things... very slowly...that way it all seems like so much more than it really is. It helps me to eat less of everything. Luckily I don't like any sweet cereals in the morning after a little slosh of Tia Maria in my coffee.*G*
    I have egg whites on toast instead; get my protein and sustained energy for the day.

    blah, blah, blah.... you know me.... the talking-est donkey you ever saw ..... I am stopping now.... and I am off to research pancreatitis. I love blogs and the internet...we are all learning new stuff...even us "old dogs" like me.

  4. You mean we won't be seeing pics of some of those wonderfully decadent desserts you make ! Awwwww..
    hugs Joni

  5. worry pas Joni. I'll always be a follower of Julia Child's butter, cream and moderation philosophy. Pas de Bécel here at 29 Black Street. I'm a fan of real food and always will be . I do however occasionally turn to "the" junk food for comfort, 'tis my drug of choice I'm afraid. I no longer drink, smoke or smoke ... now if I could only get rid of that potato chip thing :-)


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