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Sunday, January 6, 2008

favourite children's book character's Ant & Bee & Dog

From a famous series of childrens' s books written and illustrated by Angela Banner which have become rare and a bit of a collectors item now it seems.

We all slept upstairs last night, and me in my own bed. The boy's doing great this morning, and yesterday afternoon was back to his high energy, drivin' me crazy (restless, bored & constantly underfoot- which let me tell ya is totally fine by me), kooky self once again. We do have an appointment at the vet tomorrow morning and I think I'll wait until early tomorrow before deciding if we'll keep it, although I think we probably will. Just a check up and I'll make a quick stop at the Atlantic Superstore for a big grocery shop. Must make a list today.

Began the infamous cleaning out of laundry room, supply cabinet, tools & equipment area yesterday and I must say when I do finally begin a project (that seems to be way more than half the battle with me - the beginning of something) I do a bang up, thorough job of it. I will finish up this morning while listening to a favourite CBC radio program (Canada's version of public broadcasting, NPR in the US and ABC in Australia) Sunday Edition with Michael Enright Then les chiens and I will go out for walk a deux with Deb and Maggy Sue in balmy +5 degree temperatures. Big Smile. You know that Sunday's are my favourite days.

Currently reading this book The World without Us
by Alan Weisman.
Something you maybe didn't know about me - I'm a bit of a science geek and I love non fiction science, nature, & adventure books and tend to cruise through them while great fiction lies in piles, waiting patiently, by my bedside.

This is a very well researched surmise of what would happen to planet earth in stages and steps over time if we, terrible human tenants that we are and have been, were wiped out suddenly, say by Ebola or some other such thing. The reviews talk about it being an optimistic book and I guess, in that Mother Earth, most definitely will survive and carry on, it is that. But it's also shocking to read chapter after chapter of the damage that we've already done - and often damage that won't be reversed for untold years - like the chapter on plastic. Sickening. That said it is a fascinating book and I am glad to be reading it.

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