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Saturday, January 12, 2008

two colour palettes of a botanical patterned pitcher

Saturday, again already, it's mild and wet this morning. Jake's feeling good, it seems 4 days will be the new test of time. Can he go 4 days or more without having one of his terrible spells. Fingers crossed, talked with God, we'll wait & see and hope.

I had a meeting yesterday with a person from our regional Business Development Association - I'm applying for a small business loan to purchase Adobe Creative Suite 3 (software) and a new Apple imac, a beaut with a 24" (gasp!) screen. My current laptop has begun to show signs of age and I keep expecting it to suddenly go poof ! and for smoke to pour out of the mike jack.
For my mother board to blow or something else just as horrific. And as far as software goes, (sshhhhhh), all these years, all nearly seven of them, let's just say I have not legitimately owned the programs that make my life possible as a designer. When I bought this second hand computer (in the fall of 2004) it was all ready loaded up with the software that I use on a daily basis. I plan to grow my business, in 2008, in leaps and bounds and I want a beautiful studio, a well stocked reference library and supply cabinet, and the equipment and tools to accomplish anything that my little heart desires ... and it is desiring SO much!

Goals for 2008

• get my little Etsy shop up and running - will sell greeting cards and art prints
• finally submit (and be chosen) my greeting card designs to Great Arrow
• begin dabbling in block printing - very exciting
• continue to impress and WOW the pants of new big fish customer - Enesco
• submit concept boards to Demdaco for their bi-annual call for product concepts

I feel excited, invigorated and once again ... invincible. I love what I do, and it's so amazing to make your living from something that never really seems like work. I attribute much of this renewed creative spirit to the many, many stimulating and inspiring blogs that I visit each day. It's hard to believe just how many amazing women are out there in the world, also making a living, doing something that they love, from a room in their home.

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  1. I'm for the pink pitcher, me...

    Hey... Enesco!.. I collect their little polar kins. They quit making them years ago..but I am managing to find a few on ebay still...just waiting for one that dropped so low in price that I had to buy it... $4.50... I love their little faces. Of course, you know I love most little bears....

    Oh, that will be exciting ..to see your stuff on etsy... goodie...

    Was it you who mentioned the "overlooked" site a while back Suan? I put in a pic for the group.. our fav coffee mug is subject one...


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