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Monday, January 21, 2008

hey Handsome ! yesterday morning's walk

This morning there's a giant full moon, high up in the sky, shining down and lighting up the dog's yard like a sports stadium. They've both been out to take care of some business and I stood in the sun porch doorway and waited for them to come back in. I stood in the frosty air with my housecoat snuggled in close and listening to their paws crunch across the snow. We're having a few days of bitter cold here in Nova Scotia (this morning the temperature is -19C but because of the wind chill it will feel like -31C). But so what, what do I care. My boy's OK ! My boy's OK. Shhhhhhh ! I mustn't talk about the fact that it's been 3 days and 14 hrs since the last badness. Shush and delight ! shush and look up in the sky, with the big full moon and the twinkling stars, and say thank you. Thank you !

Yesterday, Sunday, was an absolutely perfect day. And I don't toss that word around loosely. Les chiens and I had a lovely morning walk with Carol and Deb and Maggy Sue (the golden retriever). Winnie & Maggie raced and did spins in the pasture, they're usual greeting, Winn looking up at me, tongue hanging out and a smile on her face, as if to say Isn't this great! and my boy barked at the girls Come on, gimme some of those cookies please! Back home again and we all puttered. I had my Sunday morning chat with my sister while making Shepherd's Pie (comfort food) and doing up dishes. I smeared peanut butter in all the cracks & crevices of raw hide knotted treats for the dogs and off they'd trot, content for a while, to their beds by the fire. I spent the afternoon getting my beach treasure packages ready for the post on Monday (having decided that the packages themselves must also be beautiful and thrilling to receive) and I put the final touches on my first Etsy shop wares, and did all the registering, re-sizing of photos & uploading them. Later in the evening I tidied up my giant living room desk, made a list of to-dos for Monday, and readied my cozy bed on the sofa (I'm still sleeping downstairs, just in case, and secretly loving it). I put a few more logs on the fire, snuggled in under the covers, breathed in deeply and felt truly blessed.


  1. It's a pleasure to read about your perfect Sunday.
    Congratulations on your Etsy store.

  2. awwww Susan... honestly, both of your furry buddies are so wonderful. Jake so handsome...Winnie so beautiful. And you can see every single hair on Jake's head in that photo. Wonderful shot..you do have some excellent pics.

    cold here too.... dropped to -22C last night...up to -11C now and supposed to go to -4C... it's a roller coaster ride...wheeeeee!

    good morning Judy... waiting for you to make up a blog to visit....lol ...
    truly...I know not much at all about computers and I just went to blogger.com and it led me by the nose til I finally figured it out.

  3. oh, forgot to say about your cards too..."prolific" old me...

    I am eager to see them on Etsy... they are great.


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