snow, snow & more snow

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

my snow dog Jake

Happy New Year. I'm up 30 minutes early this morning. I was lying tucked in my flannel nest with Lulu & Oliver curled up beside me, awake and I decided that if the clock said 3:30, well then I'd try and go back to sleep - but if the clock said 4:30, then I could get up ... I love getting up in the morning and this morning there's a lot of shoveling to do if we're going to get that wagon out on the road for our quick drive down to the dead end road and out onto the point to meet our friends for our morning walk. These days we're forced to walk, with leashes, on the road because the snow is far too deep for dog legs, especially senior dog legs ...

It snowed all day yesterday and it seems that we did receive the predicted 25-30 cms. I just (hopefully) checked the weather network website (secretly hoping for rain in the forecast to melt away some of the depth of this snow) and shockingly discovered that we're supposed to get another 25 cms of snow tonight. That's way too much snow. However the 14 day trend says a few days of seasonal temperatures and then finally a mild spell (yeah!) with rain and the temperatures climbing far above normal. Smile.

les chiens in their big fenced in dog yard

It's funny how the dogs make the exact same paths through the snow every year. I love that. After I get the driveway shoveled and the two walkways, one to the car and one to the street I'll bundle up les chiens and we'll all go out into their yard. They love that, when I come out into their world with them. They'll eat some snow, and push their snouts along through the soft light flakes and then flop down and roll over on their backs in the softness, paws kicking the air, to make big doggy snow angels. They don't seem to mind the snow.

yesterday afternoon view from my upstairs bathroom window through the Virginia Creeper vine

apr├ęs shoveling - the view from my front porch 7:00am

The snow ploughing fairy's are out in full force, roaming the streets of this village and one of them (Roger) happened by my place while I was out shoveling and he scooped and blew (a snow blower attachment on his John Deer tractor) that awful heavy big hump, the worst part, that the snowplough leaves at the end of the driveway. Thank you snow plough fairy. Sigh ... smile.


  1. Best wishes for joy and happiness in the New Year.

    Much of the snow on this end of the province has melted from the snow/rain/snow/rain weather cycle.

  2. you too Paula, lots of joy, happiness and prosperity in 2008 from me and my gang to you & yours.

  3. wow.... you have a ton of the white stuff! We have none. And none in our forecast. It is -9C and brilliant sun right now...going up to +4C in a day and that looks like it for the next week. Not a snowflake insight.

    Well, it is... 2008... here's to a good year for us all!

  4. Wow, iust saw this Susan. Fantastic photos. I love our description of going out in the snow to meet your 'friends.'

    Getting up early is one thing, but that early?! I'm often up until that point! LOL.

    "It's funny how the dogs make the exact same paths through the snow every year. I love that."

    --that makes me smile. Love it too.


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