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Thursday, January 10, 2008

the other dog - Noodlette, or Miss Winnie Dixon

A photo of my sweet Winn with her scruffy frosted snout. She's been feeling a little left out lately with so much concern and attention being paid to her brother, her best buddy, Jake.

Yesterday felt like spring, it was mild, mucky and wet. The air even smelled of spring and already I can notice that the days are getting longer. Our snow is nearly gone and this lovely stretch of mild weather has suited me just fine. Another spike on Saturday with a forecast of +10C, wow, if the Noodle's feeling up to it we'll be back at the golf course this weekend with our friends Deb & Maggie Sue (another golden girl). Lots of sniffing and roaming and the chasing of squirrels.

the view from the top of the snow covered golf course

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  1. awwww...gotta love Miss Winn's face. She always looks a bit sad...as is the norm for that breed and mixes...

    You have some great pics of all of them.


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