lil man & ver

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

daily kitten love

Gus & Oliver. Gussie Gus (Mr. Mr. or Lil' Man) my sleek, long and lean, perfect tabby cat. The cat who doesn't like to be picked up, doesn't want to be patted, his idea of affection is smacking his little purring body into you and then flopping down on the floor dramatically, sprawled out like a wee lion in a tree in the Serengeti. He's a strange cat. Mr. Aloof, the cat who we hardly ever see, although since installing the big kitten flat screen in the kitchen he's been hangin' with us much more. He lies on that pillow almost all day, his little body squished as flat as possible, little ears flattened to his head. He's stalking those birds, just inches away, with eyes as wide as saucers ... all day.

And Oliver (Ver), he's just the opposite. Mr. Personality, Mr. Social, Mr. Nosy, Mr. hey what's going on here? Oliver, who's on my lap as I type this, purring and rubbing his soft little head against my face. Sweet Ver, who insists on sleeping draped over me every night like a small, soft, calico blanket. He's my comfort cat.

It's still bitter cold here this morning, far too cold to go for our morning walk and everything here at 29 Black continues to be fine ... very fine.

ps. the beach treasure packets were mailed yesterday afternoon.


  1. Just the sweetest sleepy kittens in the world...makes me want to have a nap.

  2. love the fluffers....
    such a clear pic yet again... every hair... you take great photos.


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