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Monday, January 14, 2008

a little bundle of sea treasures from Nova Scotia

I love the idea of paying it forward or offering up a gift to a few of you who've been hanging out for awhile here with us at 29 Black Street. A way to say thanks !

Even though the act of blogging is ultimately a personal activity for me, I've realized that I do also enjoy the company, I love the sense of community and I do love it (as I'm sure all bloggers do) when someone leaves a comment. This blog has become incredibly important to me, and for so many reasons. It's been a wonderful creative outlet and its helped to inspire me, as I plan the growth of my little design & illustration company Susan Black Design. It's become a fantastic visual documentation & diary of my day to day life in this little seaside village, and it's been a place for me to introduce you to my family of 2 dogs Jake & Winnie Dixon and 4 cats Lulu, Bleet, Gus & Oliver, and I feel now, that you've gotten to know them as well - which is very comforting (especially lately with my boy's weird episodic badness).

I've seen this idea on many other blogs and I've since been scheming and pondering what would I offer up as a sweet little gift, for my first give away? Of course most of the bloggers that I peruse are giving away some lovely little item that they've made themselves, and that idea is certainly in the future for me as well, as I did take the handmade pledge, and I hope to have my own Etsy shop, 29 Black Street, up & running by the end of this month. I would love to make this give away post a fairly regular occurrence here at 29 Black Street.

So here's the deal, between today Jan 14 and Friday Jan 18 all you have to do is leave a comment, say hello, on this post. Saturday I'll put all the names in a bowl and see if I can't convince Miss Dixon to draw for 3 winners of these little miniature packages of beach treasure. The beginning of next week I'll bundle these packages up and we'll mail them out to you, wherever you may be, by Canada Post.

Each package will contain a tiny natural envelope with a printed 29 Black Street label. Inside a miniature parcel, wrapped in white tissue and tied with sea blue floss, will contain 20 small polished pieces of sea glass in assorted colours, 7 tiny orange or striped periwinkle shells and 1 smoothed shard of patterned china or crockery and you can be sure that each and every piece was lovingly & carefully collected, by me and les chiens, on our daily walks on the beach.


  1. So glad everything is hunky dory at 29 Black Street. I am going to be first in line for one of those little packages. Hope Winnie pulls my name :) Been to the shore many times but never collected sea glass. They look so pretty! Have a wonderful day - Love Joni

  2. This is a "glad I'm back near your shore" post and it's a bonus that it goes in the treasure draw pot! I see there is more snow coming your way today and some for us tonight. Talk soon. xoxo, Mary Lou

  3. I enjoy reading your blog and would love for Winnie to chose my name.

    Mary D in Texas

  4. Susan.... this is funny because I just left a post at a food blog a few weeks ago agreeing to do a pay it forward...and have yet to "pay" on my own blog. I will get some little bread making "thing" from Lewis...and in return I am pledging to send a hand made "something"... tx for the reminder..I will try to post about that on mine today.

    I love making things... so handmade is right up my alley.

    I probably should be living somewhere close to an ocean. When I used to visit my Mom in Victoria...this was a wonderful thing to do. Wander the beaches..finding tiny treasures.
    We also threw in many a note in a bottle ...hoping for someone in a far distant land to find us!

  5. I enjoy reading about your animal friends, and I love treasures from the sea.

  6. Hi Susan - I've been reading since I moved from Halifax to Toronto in September and those beach-y treats are enough to get me to delurk! I love reading about what's up on my favourite part of coastline and I'll cross my fingers that Winnie pulls my name from the bowl! Cheers, Austen

  7. Hi Susan. So, my first comment comes at your give away, but I read you twice or three times a week because I like to have more than one entry to read. When I first found you, I read everything you wrote straight through from the beginning. I tried to leave a message once, but I'm not quite sure about this blogger account. It was a long message and I lost it so never rewrote it. I love dogs..and sea glass. I live in sealess Colorado, but the minute summer hits each year, I'm out of here and I don't stop till I hit the Oregon coast. I look for seaglass till my neck aches but all I have to show are a few tiny, tiny ones, smaller than my little fingernail! It must be the location! Anyway, I am so glad Jake is better. And please tell Ms. Winnie Dixon to sniff out my name in the drawing!

  8. Well im cutting it fine for the deadline to enter your draw, but as im on the other side of the world i figure i have a bit of time up my sleeve. I only recently discovered the world of blogging and your blog. Its great to 'visit' folks and gain inspiration and appreciation for life's treasures, be they people, places or things.

    I went for a walk on a beach nearby my house not long ago and found an old bit of patterned crockery - amazing - never have before and never have since, so i have my fingers crossed to win your draw!

  9. Just found you, in a very round-about way. And the packets are lovely! I'll be back. Thank you for writing and posting a very lovely blog.


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