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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Scotia to New Zealand and back

Anya asks me to explain a bit more about the swap package that I was preparing to send winging off to the far away land of New Zealand. 14 things mailed on the 14th day of this month March. It came about when I had my beach glass give away and Pherenike from New Zealand had been one of the potential winners. I had expressed sadness in a comment on her blog that Winnie hadn't chosen her name because I was so excited about the prospects of sending a package so far away and especially to New Zealand, a place that has always fascinated me and a place I've always wanted to visit. I said maybe we could have a swap and she instantly expressed that she would love to. So ... she did most of the work coming up with the list, my only contribution was to manage to get a few food items on the list, being a foodie I'm always enamoured with foods from other places. Here's our list.
  1. a beachy thing,
  2. a papery thing,
  3. a thing that cost less than $1,
  4. a yellow thing,
  5. something found in the back of a drawer
  6. something starting with the first initial of your middle name
  7. something that once was alive
  8. a soft thing
  9. a food item traditional to your area
  10. something that delights you
  11. something that once was useful
  12. favourite candy/chocolate bar
  13. a map of your area
  14. a tea bag of your favourite tea
I think the key is to be swapping with someone that has similar interests and tastes and someone that you have gotten to know, at least a little, in my case from reading her blog. I might have spent $10.00 on actual items, most things were things that I found or that I already had, or that I made. Postage for a filled shoe box was $19.60 surface mail.... we both mailed our parcels on the same day from opposite ends of the world. I had SO much fun with this project and I'm sure others would enjoy getting involved with a similar swap. I think the more creativity that you can put into a project like this the more fun it is and you realize quickly that it doesn't need to cost much at all.

I was sick yesterday, all day, as sick as I can ever remember. Sigh. Let's just say my dreaded affliction was akin to food poisoning and from 9am until nearly 9pm I was trapped either in or near my ladies room. I, thankfully, am a very healthy person ... I just never get sick and by lunch time yesterday I was, to say the least, beginning to freak myself out, I called my one and only sister and left a message - call me it's a medical issue! (I refrained from using the word emergency although that's the word I wanted to use). A few hours passed, more freaking, and eventually my cordless phone which was stuck in my housecoat pocket rang. Yeah. Sandra, she who has a fairly calm unflappable personality, has raised two great kids, and I know from previous conversations has had much experience with this particular delicate issue that I was suffering from. My first words to her were shaky and tear filled but in her calm, soothing voice she talked me down from that Should I try and take myself to emergency ? place.

As I lay on my bed with sweet Winnie Dixon keeping me company, later around 8pm last night, continuing to feel miserable and dreading a sleepless night I was listening to a story on CBC radio about a woman who was suicidal because of extreme alcohol addiction. Through her sponsor at AA she became involved in prayer and the story went on to tell how prayer had helped many people with a variety of illnesses.

So I said a little prayer myself, it couldn't hurt ... Please God give me some relief from this sickness that I've been suffering from all day. I know it's a little thing but it's making me crazy. I was feeling stressed and exhausted. I closed my eyes, held Winnie's paw and just took some deep breaths. Within an hour my sickness was gone and over. Wow !

I settled comfortably under the covers and picked up my Corfu adventures book. Happy sigh

I am grateful that I have a sister and that she is always there when I need her and I love her very much! and thank you God for answering my prayer, and so quickly. Smile.


  1. Hello Susan,

    You have a very interesting and lovely blog. I am so happy to have stumbled onto it today and will definitely be back to visit Black Street soon!!

    Easter Greetings from Willow Manor

  2. I have managed to lose this comment several times already...so suffice to say... here is a page for you to read...
    and a simple Olde Englishe Mom's way of dealing with her kids.. us.

    Brown a few TBSPS of dry white flour in a pie tin or pan on a stove burner. Stir to prevent burning...but do get it nice and brown. Add a small amount of milk... almost 1/2 cup, stir and drink. Things should settle pretty quickly.

    don't forget though... diarrhea is a body's way of clearing poisons, toxins or letting us know something is not quite right. Let it go for several hours or almost a day to see if it rights itself...just keep replenishing fluids, because you will get dehydrated and exhausted.


  3. Hey V,
    I was trying to avoid the dreaded "D" word. Smile. Are you supposed to drink /eat the flour and milk ? Thank goodness I'm cured that's the main thing. Onward & upward !

  4. I'm glad you are feeling better now.

  5. oh, sorry....too graphic for ya?? hahahha.... well, that would be me.... no tact, whereas you are more lady like.... Ahh well...

    I do know how to use a knife and fork properly and don't slurp tea or anything rude like that.... can I get a tick and gold star for some manners at the table please? ...

    yes indeed ... quaff immediately after mixing the browned flour with milk.........

    glad you are feeling better now....

  6. Sorry you were feeling badly, Susan, glad you're better now. I like your exchange with Pherenike, such a lovely thing, to get a package from so far away.

  7. I'm glad you're feeling better. "D" sucks while you have it, but afterward you feel rather pristine, toxin-free and light on your feet.
    Thanks for the 14 things...Now sometime you might like to tell us what a few of the things you two selected for the category. That sounds like a lot of fun. I like swaps a lot...when they give me plenty of time. I love the categories. They open up lots of interesting possibilities.

    Happy Bunny Day...


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