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Thursday, March 27, 2008

still life with Noodle

More Eckart (Tolle) The New Earth last night, snug in the nest of down & flannel. Safe, at least for now ... A best friend and I decided to read this book as the first selection of our Book Club of Two, a long distance affair, a telephone chat book club.

I fell by the wayside initially and got very bogged down in the first chapter of the book which takes a more global, big "we" perspective. I needed and craved a more personal perspective ... I wanted to directly relate myself and my own current (and ongoing) emotional struggles to the concepts and ideas that Eckart presents in this book. From Chapter 2 on, he's speaking to me ... and it's actually not at all the difficult and heavy book that I perceived it to be in the beginning. It's one of those books that I'm sure I'll read over and over again for though the words and sentences are very simple and straightforward, and it's written in a gentle, quiet style - the ideas presented have potentially profound meaning and substance ... for me and my life ... now.

It's all on Oprah's sight, everything you need to know, tools and guides, a workbook. You can download the 10 weeks of classroom sessions in any format you choose.

In other news. Much sleeplessness last night due to raccoon squabbles outside my bedroom window, and I forgot to take my little magic half white pill, plus those darn cats were all jacked up and marauding through the house causing much ruckus. Sigh. Maybe I'll have a nap (one of the many perks of self-employment) this afternoon with tea & more Eckart, with lime green highlighter pen in hand.

My new and difficult (read very challenging) and historically accurate design project is going well. I had an email back from my customer yesterday afternoon and she's very happy with my first page of thumbnails, so of course that makes me happy ... and once again somewhat relieved.


  1. It's a dark and rainy day out here in the midwest, so I am home spending more time on my computer. Just thought I would check in to say "hi" and see how you were doing today. I am looking through my old boxes for a 10 year old picture of myself to frame, like you did. Haven't found it yet....still digging...

  2. Hello Willow Manor, thank you for checking in and I'm better today I think ... I'm glad that you're going to frame a photo of your 10 year old self ... you should check out Eckart's book The New Earth I think you'd enjoy it.

  3. Hi Susan,
    Glad you are getting good things from that book. I wish more books came as audio books, then I could listen while doing other things, like housework or walking. At the moment I feel i dont have a minute to spare. I think i need one of those books about slowing down! Only if it came in audio format though!

    A terrible thought entered my mind last night; maybe I should postpone my much anticipated art week to get more stuff done first. Hmm.


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