Sunday, March 2, 2008

saturn moth postcard from a book of post cards called Posta Insecta

I've been tagged, by Pherenike, I'm to post a list of 7 things that are odd or random about myself and then tag 5 other blogs myself. Hhhhmmmm.

1. I love insects & spiders of all varieties (creepy & cute) ... and it really upsets me that people kill them without a thought. I think that says SO much about the arrogance of the human species. I carry them outside, or use my drinking glass and postcard method of capturing them and setting them free. If I find a spider in my house strolling along the dangerous floor I scoop him or her up and move them to a large houseplant ... as I'm convinced that they'd be happier there.

2. I watch a daily soap opera called The Bold and the Beautiful. A half hour of very campy, over the top facial expressions, and mad crazy soap opera plots set in the fashion industry of Los Angeles. I'm not sure how I ever came to begin watching it but now I tape it every day and never miss it. ?

3. I love cooking shows. PBS has a lovely long commercial free line up Saturday afternoons

4. (followed by a contradiction) I think about giving up my television at least once a week as I ultimately do believe it is a giant waster of my time. I have canceled my cable TV twice in the past which renders my set channel less. It wasn't so bad. It is a huge distraction and I am once again considering seriously saying goodbye to TV... in time for spring. Please see #6.

5. I love New York City and often daydream and fantasize about living there in a tiny apartment in the centre of it all. With Winnie Dixon, my little city girl and the cats. But Charlottetown will do. Smile.

6. I tend to think about many things in life in all or nothing or black or white terms. I'm really trying to get the hang of maybes and greys. (#4 is a perfect example of this thinking. It never occurs to me to attempt to be more discriminating with my television viewing - it's automatically TV or no TV - there doesn't see to be an in between option). Sigh.

7. A scene from the movie Leaving Las Vegas (another favourite on my list of bleak, dark and incredibly sad movies) has always occupied a small space in my mind. The main character played by Nicholas Cage has just been fired from his high powered job in a Hollywood talent agency and his life is spiraling downward and out of control because of his debilitating alcoholism. He takes his severance cheque and goes home and basically puts the entire contents of his home and life, all of his stuff, in garbage bags and lines them up at the curb. My recent attempts at decluttering and all my If I moved, would I take this with me ? questions make me think of this movie and even then, back in '96, when I watched this scene for the first time I remember thinking -Wow ! how freeing would that be ? To not have, or be so attached to, stuff. I feel both frightened and compelled by, the imagining of no stuff.

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