storm clouds

Monday, March 31, 2008

big skies, wide open spaces, and stormy clouds

As I wrote that sentence - big skies, wide open spaces, and stormy clouds - I realize that those words and these images are such a metaphor for what's going on inside my head these days. I am a storm cloud, I feel like the recent death of my hero dog Jake, and my attempts to deal with his absence, has released this torrent of sadness and gloom, of dark and grey storm clouds. But also crouching in the corner, along with those clouds, is always my tiny bright spark of hope and happiness, of endless optimism and zest, my possibilities are endless, my future, and most of all, my present is a wide open space with nothing but big sky ahead of me ... if I can just chase those storm clouds away.

This may seem a tad heavy this morning ... think I'll blame it on Eckhart.

Eckhart Tolle - The New Earth


  1. Gorgeous photos!! I think I like the second one the most. There's something so mysterious about the snowcovered road leading to the clouds. I saw The New Earth at the bookstore and passed it over for file folders...I should have bought it.

  2. The photos are beautiful even if your mood is not. Hope you have a good day.

  3. I think I have the opposite problem. Lately, I feel like my mind has narrowed to a dark, cramped room, and there's a window that I can occasionally peek out and see big skies and stormy clouds, but mostly I'm shuffling around in the same small space. Geez, I'm whining. Thank you for the lovely photos.

  4. There's a great line from a Billy Bragg song that I've always loved and related to "and there's you ... a little black cloud in a dress".

    I also love the second photo. These images are of the place I walk each and every morning with my dog(s), summer and winter and all the days in between. I'm a lucky girl.

    And J. I wonder - might you consider picking up a copy of Eckhart's book. I tell you it will knock you off your feet (and in a good way). Page after page of life changing new ways of being and thinking.

    I know that making the changes will take much discipline and practice on my part ... by I'm ready for the challenge.

  5. Tiny bright sparks can do amazing things. I am glad to hear that book is going well.

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