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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

March butterfly illustration

From my beautiful Cavallini wall calender.

Although yesterday was a pretty good day, all in all, I did spend a portion of the day continuing to fester over a recent financial disagreement and a general feeling of being taken advantage of with my main customer. I'm not really used to festering, believe me this ol' mind feels and experiences a lot of emotions but anger, thankfully, is a rare one. Winnie Dixon's best girlfriend Maggy Sue (a 4 year old golden retriever) is on March break this week, so I called her mother Deb and said we're going out for another walk if you'd care to join us. It's my experience that the best cure for festering, or any shitty emotion for that matter, is stomping around frozen pastures in blue skies and sunshine.

Winnie's just renewed her muskrat hunting license for the spring, an annual ritual, and spent much of our lovely long walk showing Maggy Sue the ropes. The two of them stopping often, snouts buried in mucky holes, inhaling the heady smell of something, tails wagging furiously, and I'm sure some detailed rodent chat happening that Deb & I weren't close enough to hear.

Came home and FINALLY had the direction I'd been waiting for so that I could finish a project that had been lingering, to say the least, which means I could finally file it and best of all, send out an invoice.

Career horoscope for this week at my favourite horoscope sight I am a cancer -that sure explains a lot doesn't it?

Stop the negative thinking NOW: Negative thinking is the last thing you need at the moment. Concentrate on what you love to do and each success you've achieved, no matter how incremental. You need to rebuild your legacy and self esteem with positive thinking, not drippy dreary stuff that has never worked for you. You can enlist a new partner, team member or investor before the end of the week - if you're willing to step away from self-centered fear and step up to the plate. You're the only person holding you back right now.

Shortly after we said goodbye to Maggy Sue & Deb for the second time yesterday at the gate to the main pasture and Winnie & I began the short walk down the road to the car I happened to glance up ...and flying directly above us and low enough that I could hear their wings were 2 bald eagles. Sigh. I strongly believe in animal totems, that animals are often messengers, if you're paying attention and you notice them, for they are there in that spot at that moment in time, to tell you something.

Eagle is reminding you to take heart and gather your courage, for the universe is presenting you with an opportunity to soar above the mundane levels of your life. Eagle teaches you to broaden your sense of self beyond the horizon of what is presently visible. If you have been walking in the shadows of former realities, Eagle brings illumination. Eagle teaches you to look higher and to touch Grandfather Sun with your heart ... to love the shadow as well as the light. See the beauty in both, and you will take flight like the eagle.

The passage above is from the book Medicine Cards by David Carson. This book comes with a deck of animal cards that you can use for guidance, similar to Tarot cards. The book describes the meanings and messages from various animal totems. I don't use the cards that often but I am constantly looking up the meaning of animals that I've encountered on our adventures. If you are looking for guidance select an animal card here.


  1. I almost said good morning..but not. Here it is already afternoon and it has taken me for-bloody-ever to load my pics and get my post on for ABC Wednesday today. Blogger was being a royal pain. Why don't you join in on that sometimeSusan? You have wonderful pics and great postings ... anybody can just join in.. and if you don't have something to say on any Wednesday... just don't for that day.

    Woohooo...glad to know I don't have to polish that silver stuff anymore! Tx... hahhaha....

    Oh, I love the bit about animal totems..probably mostly because I love animals. Two bald eagles circled the Marina at Oak Bay on the day that I went out on a converted trawler/house boat to sprinkle my Mom's ashes. They followed us for awhile...and then circled up so high we lost sight of them...right over Trial Island lighthouse...where we eventually stopped. It gave me goosebumps... still does to think about that. I saw one the next day as well..... soaring beside me as I walked near the cliffs beside the golf course.... it was so close I could hear the soft "fluff" -- "fluffing" of its wings... it sailed slowly, straight down the fairway and then, ... off into the distance. I clung to that as the perfect sign..... still do... and it still brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. I have never seen another bald eagle in my life.

    I love the firm hand the horoscope takes too... wow. Must go check mine. Did you know that signs across the zodiac seem to find each other? .... I am Capricorn....

    Remember what Eagle says.... "soar above the mundane" ... sort of a new take on soaring with eagles instead of allowing ourselves to be surrounded by turkeys isn't it?

  2. Wow Vee, the story of the eagles and your Mom's ashes gave me goosebumps. They are such a majestic creature and there isn't a more powerful or spiritual totem than eagle medicine.

    Today's the first day in a very long time that I actually feel excited about life again. I still do miss my boy so much, and part of me feels like I'm never going to be the same without him. But I am getting used to this new Jake-less world. This spring and our first weeks of what would normally be the start of stick-fetching season will be difficult. It's hard even now to walk near the beach. He kind of was the beach he loved it so much. My sweet Noodle dog.

  3. You're right never will be quite the same. But.. this sort of thing will happen to us over and over in a lifetime... thankfully, we will always have our precious memories. Pictures.. thoughts.. dreams... memories of a touch or sensation or scent...they will always be with us.


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