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Sunday, March 9, 2008

calliste natural bristle toothbrush

This toothbrush has been living, unused, in my red metal tool box until just recently. It was given to me by a good friend years and years ago, a gift brought back from a trip he took to NYC. I spied it, a few weeks ago, while rifling through said toolbox looking for long nails to board up my wide open basement window (the reason for no water due to frozen pipes but that's another story ... sigh). It had never been used but lovingly carted around with me for years, as I am want to do with lots of things. I think I'll try it I said to self. Well ... it is, without a doubt, the best toothbrush that I have ever used. The bristles are all natural and feel so good while brushing, and not to mention it's way handsome black & cream striped body. I love it. The only site I could find that mentions Calliste toothbrush is here.

aromatherapy dish detergent

And this isn't even the good stuff. Just makes washing dishes that much more pleasurable.

The shelter (my local animal shelter, where both Winnie Dixon & the Noodle were adopted from) called yesterday to tell me about a dog who had just come in. A black retriever, a golden retriever, black lab cross, a male who is 11 months old. Winnie and I are just going to sit with this news for the weekend. I would like to see his picture, only because I'm wondering if he might have Jake's eyes. This could be a sign from my boy ... and I want to be open to receiving it.

I am grateful, SO grateful, that I have so many fantastic photos of my red boy Jake and oh so many amazing memories of an exceptional dog who I was blessed to share my life with for 12 great years.

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  1. Awwwww....this could be a special "someone"......
    I hope they can offer a pic, .... or that you can find it in your heart to visit them and see the new little man.... being a retriever.... oh, man........ I hope Jakey sends that sign....


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