Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Winnie Dixon and Jake

We miss our red dog

I did not stay up to watch Eckart & Oprah live at 10pm my time (a 90 minute broadcast) after reading on Oprah's website that it would be available to view any time today and also available as a podcast to download.

I did check my biorhythms this morning, at Vee's suggestion, and phew ! My emotional and physical self are both sitting at the very bottom of the chart, as low as they can go, today March 04. Wow ... that explains a lot.

I am grateful for darkness and for down and flannel and the comfort of holding dog paws, Miss Dixon's, through the night


  1. Thinking of you and wishing you a good day.

  2. Aha! A perfect time to just lay as low as the score. Try to get some extra sleep even if it means napping, eat some simple nutritious things...definitely get outside and walk.... in general, just plod forward while waiting it out. The good thing is.. it's going to go skyward from here!

    Spring is coming.....

    I dreamed I was teaching myself to shake my hips in perfect imitation of belly dancers with amazing talents.....hmmmmm ....now what do ya suppose that means????

  3. I did have a nap yesterday Vee, and thought you'd be proud of me. When I first got up I felt SOooo tired but eventually that sleepiness wore off and I was able to stay up later and thus sleep better through the night. Happy sigh.

    Miss Dixon and I had a lovely long walk this morning and I'm having a tuna melt on a whole grain bagel with extra old cheddar and a glass of milk for lunch.

    Just what the Dr. Vee ordered. Smile.

  4. These days come, and go, and Vee is right, Spring is coming. You have a lot to be grateful for, and you express it so graciously. Warm thoughts from sunny California.


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