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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Em, Jake & Winnie with an ice burg spring '06 - Polaroid Time Zero

Typing to the sounds of CBC radio's Saturday morning show and the growls of snowploughs off in the distance. We had just a little bit of snow fall overnight, a skiff of snow as they would say around here. But it is a Saturday, a busy day around the village, especially as it was a holiday yesterday, so those ploughs are out prowling the streets making sure that all the roads are salted and sanded and scraped of any snow that could turn to ice.

Tidying, a bit of design work, walking with dogs and a late afternoon nap with my adventures in Corfu book are the only items on my agenda for today.

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  1. sounds like a great day planned! I will be holding some things first Mr. BumbleVee can measure..then dragging some wires...then... tidying more drywall dust... yeh..he is a "keeper" alright Susan...but maybe you'd like to keep him for, oh, ...say a year or so? I am sick of mess and dust and constant reno-ing.... this place has been under construction for 20 yrs now. It is our reno project/money pit. some areas have now been done 3 times, because as soon as he finishes or almost finishes something..he figures out a "superior" way as he calls it...and off he goes again... redesigning things. I just want finished and relaxing...... sigh....

    later, a friend is supposed to stop by and we are going to begin a doll called a Harpy..we will see if that happens or if we change our creative minds on that one....

    Happy day!!


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