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Friday, March 14, 2008

Jake & Em

A hot tramp (Lush) bath with lots of bubbles, a brand new project from new big fish giftware company, a lovely long telephone design chat with a fellow designer in Chicago and my art director on this project, feelings of hope, optimism and inspiration once again. Hershey's kisses and Easter coloured jelly beans. Excitement and childlike fun yesterday finishing up the details of my 14 things mailed on the 14th day swap parcel to send off to New Zealand, a very messy desk this morning and dirty dishes in the sink. Feeling very creative once again. Hot, steaming and delicious coffee with lots of milk. A sweet black girl, Winnie Dixon, wearing a red bandanna and sleeping (with one eye open) in her bed under my desk as I type this, waiting patiently for me to get ready, put my coat, scarf & mitts on, and grab her leash and let's get a going Miss Dixon and begin our day.

We miss you Jake & Emma Jane Louise


  1. Glad you're feeling inspired and hopeful, always good things. And it's nice to have something to look forward to, new project, 14 things and Spring. Much love to you, Miss Dixon, Lulu, Bleet, Oliver and Gus.

  2. I didn't know until I started reading that you are from Nova Scotia too. I live in Kings County (practically next door) I'm particularly taken with the colorful way you write. Every sentence comes to life I can actually see your sink with unwashed dishes, your little black friend with the red bandanna and the steam coming from your coffee cup. I'll be back to read some more soon. Good luck with your 14 new projects.


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