Saturday, March 29, 2008

looking back at the cottages from under the lighthouse

on the back back shore beach just below the bayberry & wild rose pasture

Back to the nest this morning with coffee and sweet Miss Dixon. A few photos of our, still very wintry, walk taken a few days ago. Last night it snowed again, tiny little flakes that just twirled softly to the ground, no wind at all. This morning everything is once again covered with a clean bright white layer of perfect snow.

It's the weekend, and I have planned lots of gentleness and kindness for myself. Tea and naps and big long second walks after lunch along treed paths and wide open spaces at the golf course with Deb and Maggy Sue (Winnie's Dixon's best girlfriend a Golden Retriever). I'll make homemade soup, I'll putter while listening to CBC radio and I'll achieve a few more of those tiny little goals of mine. I will try to only think about
now and I'll try and avoid my roller coasters ... just for the weekend. Smile.


  1. Wow! the first row of cottages is sooooo close to the water. Are they occupied all year round? Does the one little guy get pounded by big waves when the ocean kicks up?

    You are not one of those on the water side of the picture are you? They all look to be bungalows...I am sure you have at least a two story behind somewhere...
    how bleak it looks at this time of year.... as do we. Even if we have lots of trees around us...and we too live just behind a golf course....there is no green at the moment. All is dead and brown...and bare. Roll on spring and some new growth of leaves and greenery.....!!

    have a great day.

    I will be holding boards and bits for Greg as he is making a cover for something....then while he is painting...I am making bread and trying to fight with some pink brocade for a new bunny foot pad. Yep..I'm an idiot... brocade is evil stuff to work with ... each needle prick can ruin it. But, I have sewing friends who have given me tips..let's see if they work!

  2. Such loveliness, it's a good thing to see. I'm glad you're finding some serenity, I'm finding it a bit in short supply. High clouds and cool days on the west coast. Hugs and warm thoughts.


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