ver & the red daisies

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Ham verring it up with red gerberas

I mean Ver hamming it up with red gerberas. Smile

Had an upsetting argument, yesterday, over money - over compensation.

I stuck to my guns, for once. Hearing Suze Orman's recent voice in my head speaking about women and their lack of self worth, especially when it comes to monetary values. And because I know, in this instance, that I am right and sometimes you just have to stand up for yourself ... even if it seems like you might be biting the hand that feeds you or cutting off your nose to spite yourself. I do hope that I did the right thing. Pondering this at 1:30 am caused minor sleep deprivation, however sweet Bleet-ness arrived to lie on my chest, all 25lbs of him, and to purr madly and cover my face with fat kitten kisses which will always chase away the badness.

I am grateful for the comfort and love of all the furry beings that share my life.

Lulu, Winnie Dixon, Bleet-ness, Oliver & Gus.


  1. love the pics of Ver....he is so sweet....

    Damn those Dilberts anyway!What a bunch of nimnoes....

    Maybe it is time to send out a few portfolios....knock on some doors (computer doors that is) call in some markers..etc.... to find somebody else with an eye for interesting, beautiful artwork.

  2. I can totally understand, I do the same thing, undervalue myself, my work, my time. I remind myself that time is really the only currency, and it's irreplaceable. I'm glad you stuck to your guns, I cave far too often. Happieness to all of you.

  3. Hi V & J, Beautiful warm spring like day here today. Sunshiney & windows all open wide kinda day.

    That Ver IS the absolute most sweet cat that I have ever known. He follows my around like a dog, in fact he follows me around like my sweet Noodle dog did. Oliver does have one teensy tiny little nasty quirk. He stalks and harasses the LuLu Queen, elderly feline matriarch of 29 Black St.(otherwise known as Squawkamole) who reacts as if a pack of coyotes had jumped on her. It's a drag, I catch him sometimes peeking around a corner, little bum wiggling, just waiting to leap out at her, he's like a bad 9 year old boy.

    But other than that he's perfect.


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