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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Jake & me at the golf course last spring

I still ache for my boy Jake

Another Polaroid from the archives. This one shot with Time Zero film and a drastic difference in the colour. I find the Time Zero film cool and dull by comparison to the amazing colour saturation of the former Polaroid SX-70 film.

Orange & lavender bubble bath this morning, coffee in bed with the big fat March issue of Vogue, two long walks planned for today, my weekly phone chat with my sister Sandra, continuing on with the declutter and clean out of my life quest, the Would I move this ? game (yesterday I cleaned out my old work files).
Whenever I find my battery recharger. Big sigh oh how I hate when I misplace things. I plan to take a few photos of Yes, I will move this items.
Maybe I'll have a nap this afternoon or at least a lie down in the nest with a good book.

I do love a Sunday ... the most perfect day of the week.


  1. I hope you have a good Sunday, Susan.
    I'm going to try to declutter a little today also.

  2. I decluttered and dusted today... treadmill, which I missed yesterday. Still working on "rehabbing" (I made up that word) foot. It, and the other ankle... are still not nearly as strong as I would like although, since I have a collagen deficiency it is tough to figure out a routine that doesn't injure rather than strengthen...but, I ain't quittin'...or I will be in a wheelchair. Gotta push....

    Today I am finishing my second bunny and a funny little carrot I made.... but, methinks he prefers chocolate eggs this time of year.

    Have a wonderful Sunday, Susan... and all of Susan's guests.....


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