quiet & still

Monday, March 17, 2008

standing in the first pasture beside the cottage lane - early morning

Coffee and a hot bath pouring, quiet and stillness, no radio yet this morning. I have big plans for this new week. A big, fairly elaborate new design project to work on, a project that as usual until I get into it a little, makes me feel nervous and anxious - my normal Will I be able to do this project ? sweeps over me and I have to remind myself patiently Yes, Susan you will ... you always do. There is a good side to self-doubt, I think, in that it does continually push you forward.

Lots of other little projects to fill up those early evening, and now sunny & light, hours. More decluttering and organizing, a little design project for my sister. Organizing my photographs into albums, especially those of Jake & Emma, and Miss Winnie Dixon and I have a big decision to make about a young male retriever mix who needs a home.


  1. good morning Susan. I am joining the ranks of the living today and caught up on all your recent entries. You sound really good today. I went up to Northern Colorado to take 5 days of challenging but fun jewelery classes with Susan Lenart Kazert. Her work is beautiful. But, I got very sick on my last night, and have been literally flat on my back for 6 days. Flu. My little Rocky Mountain town is full of it this year. They even had to close our clinic a couple of days because the staff was so ill! Anyway, I received that book I want you to enjoy and now I'll forward it on to you as soon as I'm up. Though not bedridden today, I'm chair-ridden. ha. That pup...that sounds interesting, doesn't it? Follow your heart. It should give you the right answers. (not that it ALWAYS does). That swap sounds fun, hope you girls post pics.

  2. Hi Anya,

    Sorry to hear you're still chair ridden.

    I am having such a hard time deciding about this young dog. Normally I would follow my heart and in the past have had an easy time just sitting with a major decision such as this ... and the answer would always clearly come to me.

    It seems I'm getting a busy signal, I can't get through to my "heart" and unfortunately my "head" seems filled only with worries and frets (Oh ! the responsibility, the extra work the and financial considerations etc...) I seem bogged down in practicality and reality and my heart can't be found. Drag ! When I was younger I didn't seem to think SO much about things, I was much more spontaneous.

    I have until Tues or Wed to make my decision.

  3. You know, Susan, there will always be another dog. Always. And if you're having such a difficult time finding an answer, perhaps that is the answer.

    You have this wonderful big new work project ahead of you, little Miss Winn by your side, spring's coming, and today you sounded better than you have sounded in awhile.


  4. You seem like you're feeling better. And, unfortunately, Anya is right; there will always be another dog. If he doesn't feel like the one, maybe wait for one that does, or maybe a time you're more sure you want to take on the responsibility. Warm hugs.


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