blue skies & sunshine

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

gerbera daisies in my sunny office window yesterday

I started to read Eckart Tolle's New Earth in earnest last night. I decided to skip Chapter 1 and begin with Chapter 2. For some reason Chapter 1 just seemed too big for me, too broad. I think maybe I'm finally ready for this book, actually I think I need this book, I think it will help me. I've also downloaded Oprah's web cast video's and I think it's time to begin the course ... it just seemed all too much for me a few weeks ago ... but I think now may be the perfect time.

I am grateful for blue skies and sunshine and for Miss Winnie Dixon, my scraggly black dog, these last few months I would be so lost without her.

I am grateful for the love and companionship of my big red lug dog ... Jake. My love for him continues to overwhelm me, he was my strength and now I have to be kind and gentle with myself as I build my strength again.


  1. That looks like a great book...keep me posted.

    I love the name "Miss Winnie Dixon"!! Yes, maybe Jake and Ralph are enjoying each other's company in doggie heaven!

  2. What lovely brightly coloured gerberas.... look so spring like in spite of the weather still being wintery. It is a bit early for spring in most parts of Canada yet.
    Oh, well, always plenty to do indoors to keep occupied......

  3. Such lovely flowers, I have pink gerberas on a countertop at home. Glad you're feeling more optimistic, blue skies and sunshine definitely help. Hugs and smiles to all at 29 Black Street.

  4. I do think gerberas are perfect. They come in such great bright vivid colours. There isn't a more cheery flower.

    Have had a sad (but productive thankfully) day today, It's cold here still but it's bright and sunny and it feels like spring and I feel lost to be beginning a new season without Jake. I miss him, his big ol' goofy self.

    Just when I begin to think the worst is finally over a giant gush of sadness and aching washes over me. I loved him, love him still so much. It's true that you never really know the extent of that kind of love until the object of that love is gone.

    I appreciate being able to be as sad as I need to be, here, on this blog, my blog, here with of all of you. This is a loss that can't be gotten over quickly, and it's important to me that I feel it, all of it.


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