Thursday, March 6, 2008

early morning stick fetching with retriever extraordinaire - Jake

I'm pouring a lovely hot lavender bubble bath, the temperatures are mild this morning, and I have lots more design work on the go. More drawings & more paintings. I've discovered that half a tiny magic pill = perfect sound sleep and no heavy feeling upon waking. Smile. This morning I'll take my second cup of coffee back up to the nest of down and flannel with Miss Dixon in tow and the big fat March issue of Vogue magazine.

I am grateful for the peaceful and serene life that I am fortunate enough to be living


  1. Glad you are getting some good sleep. How did the haircut turn out?

  2. Have you seen this blog? and this little video...it is pretty funny.

    I love to go there for a laugh. Her name is Helena and she is a Brit with wonderful typical Brit humour. I can't even imagine how much effort she has to put in to come up with this sort of thing. There are lots of video clips and they are very cute and pretty darn funny. I laugh right out loud just sitting here at the computer... have a look some day.

    Bob T. Bear

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  4. blew it...

    second one..really great music to get up and frolik to yourself....

    try again

    dam good frolick

  5. I'm grateful for the peace and serenity of your life too, and that you're willing to share it. Days like today, when I'm feeling edgy and easily put-out, your blog is a lovely window I can spend five quiet minutes looking out. Thank you.

  6. Hi Mary D, My haircut is perfect I love it ! Sunny and cold here today. More paintings for customer No. Uno while miss Dixon & Ver snooze nearby. I'm SO relieved about my potential sleep solution ...and I am happy that I can send a little peace & serenity to California. Smile.

  7. Hi S; just tuning in after a week or so... your photographs this past week are exceptional. I really appreciate that you take the time to select a photo each day to accompany your blog. There's always a moment of beauty (at least one!) in your day, and you capture it for the rest of us!
    Thank you...

  8. These picture is fantastic!! I like it!
    Greetings from Barcelona


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