Thursday, March 13, 2008

stephanie - polaroid sx-70 image

Another image from the abundant photography archives. My camera's battery re charger has yet to leap out from it's hiding place and bite me on the ankles so I'm forced to select images from my past obsession with photography (with delight I might add). This image another of the all time favourites taken when I still lived in Toronto and shot with my beloved Polaroid SX-70 camera back in the day when they still made SX-70 film. Sigh. Such saturated colour. This image has not been adjusted at all in Photoshop. Polaroid film has never been the same since.

Yesterday I felt happy. Tears do still spurt uncontrollably from my eyes if I think too long about my boy, or if someone else mentions his name ... Jake. And honestly I feel a bit dazed about his death and missing. I just feel like how did that all go down and where was I when it was happening. It's like I've blotted out whole big chunks of time and experience and I'm left feeling ... where is he ? where did he go ? ... my handsome gentle big red dog. He's just gone and it's weird.

A new project begins today from big fish Chicago company and I am getting ready to send a swap parcel to New Zealand, with someone who I've met through blogging
Pherenike Sunshine Dew. It's been very fun gathering the 14 items to wrap up and send winging by post across the ocean. I'm sure that she and I will post more details at a later date and perhaps see if others are interested in participating in another 14 random things swap that she and I have created. I do love the collaborative spirit of many blogs and bloggers.

It's cold, blustery & a bit snowy here this morning. Winter's hangin' on.

I am grateful for hopeful, happy & inspired feelings. I am grateful for my friend MLou who has been a beacon of love and caring when I've needed it most. And the medicine that is her great friendship is taking effect ... I can feel it. And oh yeah, I am SO grateful for my cheeks of sweetness, my little muskrat hunter - Noodlette, or Miss Winnie Dixon - love her !

that face ! - I've been so blessed to share my life with this dog - Jake


  1. Wow, I love the photo of Stephanie! The glasses, the earring, the hair...not to mention the red lips and the lovely flowers. And your beautiful Jake, what a darling boy. I am curious about the 14 things, share more when you feel like it. In the meantime, keep warm, inside and out. Hugs and smiles.

  2. Hey J,

    Thanks ! I love this photo too, it's one of my all time favs and I am partial to many of my old polaroids. And the polaroid of Jake ... sigh ... "hey handsome" it just makes my heart melt and my soul smile. I'm so happy that I have so many great pictures of him and of he and I together.

    I've spent nearly the entire day getting my New Zealand swap package together - such fun. I will share our made up random list of things very soon, all 14 of them - but just to give you an idea it's a very simple list, things like 1. a yellow thing 2. something that's name begins with the first letter of your middle name and so on. We're both mailing our 14 things on the 14th day of the month.

    The goal is to spend little or no money but to be as creative as possible and say something about yourself and the place that you are mailing from and to consider (what you know of) the recipients likes, habits and inspirations.

    It's been a totally fun project and I love getting mail. I also plan to mail it in such a fashion that I'm able to track the package's route online. Smile.


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