Sunday, December 7, 2008

Oliver second floor hallway windowsill looking out onto Black Street

I lost Oliver yesterday ... gasp.

He escaped. That Oliver he's such a doesn't want to miss anything, always has to be where there's somethin' going on, people cat (or Susan cat) he's always hangin' around. It occurred to me early last evening as I sat in the living room enjoying the fire and watching a little television that I hadn't seen him in awhile. Things seemed unusually quiet. I quickly scooted upstairs to see if maybe he was sleeping on my bed. Nope. The guest room? Nope. Down into the kitchen I went and into the cupboard to retrieve the never fails kitten calling apparatus - a bag of Whiskas Temptations kitten treats - you shake the bag once and kittens come from miles around running, dancing, chirping - they LOVE those kitten treats. Shake. Shake. No Oliver. My heart sunk and I could feel my blood pressure rising along with the anxiety that was begin to sweep over me. Where could he be ?

Of course Mr. Mr. (Gus) that handsome, tawny, tabby, ocelot cat came rushing out of his hiding spot, and Bleet prefers his kitten treats delivered to his spot on the sofa near the fire - so I delivered Bleet's treats while thinking to myself - OK - don't panic, retrace the events of the afternoon. When did I last see Oliver ? I was in and out of the house (the back laundry room door) often during the afternoon hanging and retrieving laundry from the line outside and Miss D was having a busy afternoon working in her rawhide plantation out in the big fenced in dog yard and I was letting her in and out often through the sunporch door. Winnie likes to take her rawhides out into the yard and bury them, all over the yard. She uses her nose and comes back into the house with her scraggly little face completely covered with muck, dirt and bits of leaves ... but that's another story.

After thoroughly searching every nook, cranny, closet, drawer, dryer, washing machine and crawlspace inside this house I came to the conclusion that sweet Oliver must be outside. He slipped out and trust me I'm very careful ... as anyone with inside cats knows - you have to be careful.

By now it was dark and I was really beginning to panic (as is my nature) quickly spinning toward doom & gloom. What if I can't find him ? What if he's gone forever? I began imagining what my life would be like at the teak topped desk with no Oliver. I couldn't go on. He's my joy. He's my buddy. I'm totally crazy about him. So outside I tromped, bundled up in down & fleece, with kitten calling apparatus in one gloved hand, and a flashlight in the other.

Shake, shake. O-l-i-v-e-r. K-i-t-t-e-n ... in my softest most alluring kitten calling voice ... wait ... listening with strained ears ... nothing. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat ... No Ver.

An hour passed I was in and out, I even spent some time just sitting out in the back yard darkness, on a tree stump quietly listening intently hoping to hear the sound of little paws on crunchy dry leaves, some tears and a few prayers, more in and out of the house strategizing and planning my next search party of one manuever and much more lying down on the grass and shining the light under and into every outside nook and cranny I could think of. No Oliver. Anywhere. Finally I was walking around the house and into the front yard and I thought maybe he's under the front porch. Down onto the ground again and I aimed the flashlight into the darkness under the stoop. Bright little eyes shone back at me. Heavy sigh. Thank you God and M. Universe and anyone else who's been helping out !!

Shake, shake. O-l-i-v-e-r. K-i-t-t-e-n ... the softest sweetest little chirpy mew called back to me. He was scared. That's the thing with inside cats - they're all so brave and brazen and far too curious for there own good, always trying to make the big dash out into the big wide world and then they get out there and they spend the entire time hiding somewhere (under the porch in this case) thinking to themselves Holy Shit - this was a bad idea. Someone come and get me please.

I kept calling him and he slowly, slowly crept out of his hiding place and into my arms. Scared kitten. I smothered him with kisses, pats and hugs and life became good again ... here at 29 Black Street.


  1. I was holding my breath reading this, to the very end. I had the same experience with my little Tiger a few months ago. We have the same kitten-summoning apparatus at our house, too.

  2. phew. I nearly passed out.

    Cats really should have leashes and kennels.

  3. Glad everything ended up happy at Blackstreet!

    Your cabbage roll dish was a success here at the Manor yesterday! And we're looking forward to leftovers today. I'll be posting on it soon, if that's okay. :^)

  4. sure Willow ... so happy that you enjoyed it !

  5. OMG!! I had to jump straight to last paragraph to make sure.... ... I, too, thank whoever,.... poor Oliver..... and poor you....

    It's so true with the inside cats. Why they try to zip outside is beyond me when that is exactly what happens. I was doing the same one night looking for one of my sister's cats when I was cat sitting one day.... found it in the same place. Hunkered down under a low porch.. and I had to wait her out.... I couldn't crawl under to nab her. By then I was hissing at her under my breath...cuz it was getting to midnight.....

    what a great photo of Oliver on the windowsill....

  6. oh, susan, i'm so glad oliver was safe. that does sound so scary!!! maybe he will be less likely to sneak out now.

    presley is hanging in there; thanks for asking. he sends his love and kisses right back to your whole crew of lovable pets!!

  7. I HATE it when they do that! Freaks me out every time. Luckily, mine haven't the chance lately, since we're on the top floor and the stairs have a gate. Glad everything turned out well. :)

  8. I am so glad you found him! I know that horrible sinking feeling you certainly felt.

    Thank you, I did get the print. It is lovely!

  9. Aww...what a wonderful ending. Susan, you had my heart in knot! Oh than heavens. Smothering in kisses is what I would have been doing too.

  10. Lord, I'm glad you found him. That is so horrifying when you think one is gone.

    Oh, and that is absolutely one of your most gorgeous photos.


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