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Saturday, December 20, 2008

white dog yellow bus flower stack - Jill Mayberg

red dog blue crown mermaids chicken - Jill Mayberg

dog head blue - Jill Mayberg

More amazing illustration inspiration - Jill Mayberg's web site and etsy shop

How incredibly beautiful are these paintings ? and if that blue dog was a red dog I see an uncanny resemblance to a certain other dog, a much loved hero dog - Jake. I've wanted to have colour and beauty be the focus of my blog this last while and nothing that I've been creating seems to qualify at the moment and in fact I've been in a wee creative drought - mostly getting my assigned work done and out the door before the holiday season and kind of toiling away at half speed at best. It's been lovely to troll the wonderland of etsy to find my daily visual inspiration - and believe me you don't have to look far - as in that land inspiration abounds everywhere.

It's quite cold here, the temperatures have dipped below my freezing point. I don't mind crisp and fresh or chilly and cool but bitter and biting just makes me want to spend all my time either sitting directly in front of the fire or buried deep in the nest of down & flannel. Yesterday there was a wild, wild wind coming in off the harbour, frozen whitecaps and churned up seas and miniature snow squalls - blinding snow devils raced along the main street closest to the water. With down and fleece and bundled up we did do a few errands in the afternoon and crazy girls that we are (crazy in love) we took those sweet dogs Maggy Sue & Winnie Dixon for a very cold romp around at the golf course.

A long list of tres exciting activities awaits my choosing this chilly weekend ... everything from laundry to final tech drawings for Customer No. Uno (and lately No. Only) to wrapping and packaging up my one and only parcel (to my sister and family who thankfully live 4 hours away and I'm confident if mailed on Monday this parcel will arrive in time for the Day) - better late than never is another big hit from the soundtrack of my life. A cold walk after lunch with sweetest dogs and then home again with fires to stoke.

Buddha Boy is right here beside me as I type away this early morning, his sweet calico Oliver face literally inches from mine, sitting up straight in his usual pose, eyes closed and softly purring - he is my constant and most excellent companion. I'm slowed to half speed these days so I must remember to take that into consideration (itemized in point form and then divide by 2) as I trundle off now to the land of bubbles and scent, another cup of coffee to pour and la weekend's list to compose.

Happy Saturday.

girl on a white pink horse - Jill Mayberg

horse tally - Jill Mayberg


  1. Good morning, sweet Susan. ((hug)) I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Good luck with your list of to do's...and try to stay warm in this chilly weather!

    Much love to you and the furry gang! xo

  2. The paintings aren't exactly my taste, but I do appreciate the color, and I can appreciate your wanting color this monochromatic time of year. Warm hugs. :)

  3. oh, susan, i love jill's work, especially the dogs!! thanks so much for the intro. i needed some color in my world today, too!

    i'm in a creative slump as well and feel like i could sleep, read and snuggle with my hot tea for hours or maybe even days -- all in my pajamas of course. i'm giving in to it all in hopes that i'll get reenergized and back in the art room soon!

    take care, my friend!

  4. I like Jill Mayberg's work, and I especially like your little Buddha's expression.For me, the best part about cats are their purrs, soft malleable footpads, and that lovely expression.It's why we pat them, isn't it, to get that expression on their faces and their little engines humming away.


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