Thursday, December 11, 2008

how's this for spectacular !

The back back shore as seen from atop the bayberry and wild rose pasture this year in early spring. An image I found last evening while strolling down this year's memory lane and through the now thousands of images (some spectacular and many completely mundane) in my computer's iphoto library. Hunting for inspiration for today's blog posting. I'm most happy when I retreat to the nest each evening knowing what the image(s) is that I'll be posting the next morning and I almost always try to have that to-do crossed off my list before bed. I don't worry so much about the words but I do like to have the image figured out. I did take a few photo's yesterday of my Charlie Brown's Christmas Tree-esque kitchen window's twinkling, sparkling, multi coloured mini lights and if you're patient and keep reading you may get a peek.

I have a hole in my exhaust (so the drive to pick up groceries sounds like I'm driving a dirt bike which is tres embarrassing) I do have an appointment at the garage Friday morning for the teal coloured '97 Ford Escort wagon. My laundry room roof leaked (again) yesterday in the driving pouring rain. Last night I burnt soup ? I was making in one of my new super duper stainless steel pots. Very large sigh. My desk is completely covered with black drawing pens and pieces of tracing paper and drawings in various stages of completion and it's official ... this week is and has been ... totally blah.

Grumpy, messy, un-enthused. Sigh. Two weeks until Christmas - even bigger sigh. Last week at the height of my spinning, twirling mad at-the-teak-topped-desk-all-the-time, oh so productive Hello ! this is the new me girl I really was convinced that maybe blah girl had packed her bags and left for good. No such luck. Fortunately Ache, Sadness & Tears have all gone out west to work in Fort McMurray for the winter, they do call me collect every now & then and often when I least expect it but they're not here, underfoot, day in and day out. I'm sure this blah-ness has a lot to do with the fact that Christmas is only two weeks away. Another reminder of all the things I wanted to do, meant to do, would have been so nice to do. Cookies to bake, gifts to create, packages to bundle up pretty and send off in the mail. Reminders of who I wish I was. Kinder, gentler, more thoughtful and with oodles more social skills - 'tis the party season after all. My whole life I've wanted to be that Christmas girl. But I'm just not her.

I don't feel like doing any of it, I'm quickly running out of time and this happens to me every year.

Yesterday I ordered myself a customized version of this sweet Christmas gift (I'm having the letter J stamped into the back of the tiny gold heart). Best gal pal and designer MLou called and we talked for ages. She made me laugh so hard that I was afraid I'd get the hiccups and/or pee my pants. I haven't laughed that hard in ages. They say laughter is the best medicine ... and I do believe this to be true.

I'm kind of getting the hang of this living in the moment business. In the moment I've found, lately at least (and I'm continually testing this theory - much like the smash hit Can you hear me now? ad campaign for Verizon OK Susan how do you feel now? an hour later what about now? I try to sneak up on my feelings ... How 'bout now ? ) the worst it ever is, it seems, in that very moment ... is blah.

Blah passes ... blah's not so bad.

guess who ?


  1. Good morning, sweet Susan. First off, I am so sorry I have not been around for a few days. I've been working overtime at work, putting on mini concerts within the community, directing a small choir, etc etc...I went back and read (and commented) on your last several posts.

    I'm sorry to hear you've been struggling with the blahs lately. I'm wondering if it is in the air...I've felt that way lately. What's worse? My mother asked me to write down a few things I wanted for Christmas and I couldn't think of anything. That's not me. I love Christmas and this time of year...but for some reason, my heart has got lost along the way to this Christmas. =/

    Nevertheless, I KNOW you and I are VERY strong women. We WILL get through this, and move on to bigger and better things. YES, we will! :)

    TONS of love heading your way right now!


  2. Reading about your blahs was entertaining actually (hope that is okay with you); and yours is the second blog I've read today touting the benefits of laughter as the best medicine. You might be right about the time of the year and such...

    I love your photos. I know what you mean about photos/images and inspiration.

  3. I have the blahs too. I just can't quite get in the holiday spirit this year. It did snow here last night (2 inches) which is very unheard of in my part of the world.

    I like the way your window looks with the lights (and the kitty).

  4. Blackstreet is anything but "blah"! In fact, I feel incredibly blah myself. It must be the full moon. :^)

    Hope you get lots of cabbage visits!

  5. Such a gorgeous landscape, and such cute lights with Ver! I know what you mean about feeling blah, and about wanting to be more social, more thoughtful, more Christmas-y. I'll be happy to get cards out before the 24th.

  6. i had one of those almost pee the pants moments this weekend. my granddaughter jenna was trying to say mary and joseph but she kept saying mary and jofufs instead. when we laughed at her she started running thru the house saying jofufs over and over again. it did my heart good!!

    glad to hear your living in the moment attempt is working. i'm going to work a little harder at it myself.

  7. this time of year so often can bring the blahs. know what you mean.

  8. I was gone for a little trip. Sorry I didn't read this the day you wrote it and send you a hug. Am catching up this morn.


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