Saturday, December 27, 2008

barley toys or clear toys

A long ago and every Christmas tradition here in the Maritimes. My childhood memories woken by a bag of these jewel like, moulded, clear sugar, toy shaped candies found in my stocking this year. From Robertson's Candy here in Nova Scotia. A big wide windowsill with a huge patch of sunlight and the always curious calico photography assistant.

Bubbles and scent, a crisp walk in darkness with my girl Missy D, a vacation day or two - no plans, no lists, no worries, no to-dos or must-dos, another big long walk with golden girlfriends at lunchtime through wide open fairways and along wooded trails. There's ice in the harbour, my favourite afternoon schedule of cooking shows are on PBS, mincemeat tarts with hard sauce and vanilla ice cream and more chocolate than I know what to do with.


sweetness in sunlight

A beautiful song, a cover of a Gordon Lightfoot song ... by Sarah McLachlan
A winter song for that big red dog


  1. My mom told us about those crystal candies for years, about how they were such a special treat when she was a child. One year she had a sister send us some. Your photos this morning brought back lovely memories.

    Song for a winter's night is my fave track on that wonderful CD.

    Enjoy your relaxing weekend.

  2. Lovely photos Susan. I must see that King Arthur film now that I have seen your film clip.Lord Susan, some of those glances and exchanges have left me quite overcome (as she fans her face furiously).

  3. I've not heard of those candies before. How cool, though. And what a beautiful song!

    Hope you had a good day!


  4. Wonderful sweets. Never seen them before.

    Love the song too.


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