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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Miss D waiting ... for Miss M Sue to arrive

When Missy D and I have an appointment to meet Maggy Sue and Deb at the golf course (which will be every day now for the stretch between Christmas & the New Year) I always try to arrive early. Winn & I walk to a grassy open spot with a perfect view of the clubhouse and the parking lot, to a little hump of a hill and Miss D sits and waits, ears cocked so that she can listen for cars coming up the steep gravel driveway and her brown eyes fixed on the spot she knows that the big burst of caramel coloured love, her best girlfriend Maggy Sue will appear from. It's a daily dog reunion that makes your heart sing to witness. It's pure joy. Maggy Sue appears at the top of the hill and Miss D launches herself from her spot. Racing toward each other they meet somewhere in the middle with spins and twirls, leaps and big huge doggy grins.

she's here !!!

Deb and I say our hellos and off we go on an hour long hike around this beautiful wooded golf course that this time of year looks out over the cold grey sea. Maggy Sue and Winnie are partners in crime while on constant squirrel patrol, and occasionally we disturb deer grazing on the grass beneath the snow. I've been walking here, at this golf course with my dogs for years and years now. I used to come nearly every day in the winter with my amazing pack of three Em, Jake & Winnie. And yesterday as we walked around in perfect whiteness I could feel the spirits of Jake & Emma romping joyfully around with us.


  1. Loved this entry today, Susan. I take my dog Riley to a bush road most mornings where we meet up with Riley's gal pal, Missy. When he sees their car there ahead of us, it is a constant whining and barking until he is released from the confines of our car.

    I get to witness that same canine joy as they race about, sniffing, pouncing and enjoying each other.

    It makes my 11 yr old boy feel young again.

  2. Those top two pictures of the crisp white snow, black Miss D and red scarf...beautiful.
    You are a brave one in all that cold and wind and snow to keep up your walks.
    I live on a windy ridge and I fear when the wind whips around I find it hard to stay out very long, but I am inspired by your daily cold walks with your buddy(ies) by your side.

  3. Beautiful photos, Susan. You have a lovely place to walk, and delightful companions.

  4. Beautiful photos Susan. I particularly like the second to last.

  5. That first picture is so beautiful. It should be your Christmas card! I am just in love with Winnie's face! Nobility and kindness all at once.

    Stay warm up there!! Edward, Apple and I send you Christmas warmth and happy wishes!!

  6. Aren't the golf courses beautiful in winter?....well, they are in summer too, of course...but, winter.... so special...and sooooo silent....

    it's great that the dogs have so much fun together...

  7. I loved this post today, Susan. And I love LOVE the pics of Miss D and Jake. LOVELY!!!



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