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Monday, December 22, 2008

little red fox on her way

wintry bird bath

In keeping with the recent trend to hi lite the work of talented artists here at 29 Black Street (and thus add beauty and colour to a potentially monotone wintry blog) here are three pieces by fabric artist Shellie Mitchell - please check out all of her amazing work at her etsy shop.

Well this early morning we've woken to wind and snow and very wild weather, the snowploughs are all out and roaming up and down the streets of this little village. On the radio Christmas carols are interspersed with long lists of cancellations and plenty of storm chat - road conditions, weather predictions, temperatures, wind speeds, storm surge warnings, road closures, power outages etc... such is the wild winter life here in the coast of Nova Scotia.

Thankfully we have power and it remained on all through the night. That's our biggest fear with these very high wind blizzard condition snowstorms - the loss of power. When I opened my eyes this morning to the smell of just brewed coffee (thank goodness for programmable coffee makers) the first thing I wondered was Is the power still on ? A quick glance to the electric bedside clock/radio and a sigh of relief. And no flashing numbers which of course means that the power stayed on all night. Phew!

So at least inside this old brick house it's business as usual this early morning. Bubbles and scent await, second mugs of steaming coffee have been poured, the sweetest black dog is still curled up on the bed - sleeping in, and that calico cat sits waiting for his first assignment here at the topped desk. Outside however, it's wild with freezing rain beating on our windows and the winds are a howling.

blue blue evening


  1. Good morning, sweet Susan. So glad to hear you didn't lose power with all the wild weather going on! And thankfully, you have all of your furry friends to keep you warm, too! May you have a beautiful week this week!!!

    Much love to you and the furry gang! xo

  2. Hi Susan- thank you so much for featuring some of my wintery pieces. I am a little jealous of all your snowfall b/c we usually do not get any here. Hopefully we will get at least one snowy day this season. Stay bundled up and play in the snow for me! Happy Holidays

  3. Put on your fleecies, sounds like you'll need them!

    Bitterly cold here in Northern Ontario, we have -36 windchills this morning. Happy am I that I can stay indoors and putter.

    Enjoy your day.

  4. I really like the style of Shellie's work, I'm glad that you featured it.
    I hope you and your furry friends are warm and cozy.
    Have a happy week!

  5. Susan, I'm so enjoying your recent showcasing of illustrators and other artists you love on your blog. I'm a huge fan of children's books illustration. There are some of Katy's I'll never let go of.

    It's about 30 degrees here today and there is still a lot of snow on the ground from our recent snows. The wind is beginning to howl now so I hate to think of all the other places that snow might end up...like blocking my garage or filling up my narrow, shoveled walkway. Oh, well...at least for the next few days with my son here I've got a shoveler!

  6. So gorgeous! And glad that you have power and are staying warm in winter weather.

  7. Note to Susan and Anya,
    I also love illustrations in children's books. I have a little collection of them. I don't have children, I just love the books!

  8. I do like these today...but, the others just didn't turn my crank. These have a softer, not quite so frenzied look about them... and I love the colours... they all seem to be looking through a frosted glass too...perfect.... yep..off to check other other stuff...

  9. Crazy cold here (five degrees this morning), but luckily no freezing rain! Glad to hear your power is still on at Blackstreet. Stay warm and enjoy those lovely intangiables this week. x

  10. Here in Australia we have been hearing and seeing about the power failures in your part of the world on our news services. The weather is certainly wild! I can only imagine what Christmas shopping and preparations must be like in those conditions. At this time of year we are normally trying to work our way around very hot weather extremes, but so far it has been quite mild, making things a lot easier. Hope the coffee machine stays on!

  11. Snuggle up with Winnie and she'll keep you warm!!

    I must confess, I keep coming back to look at her pretty snowy photo!!

  12. Gorgeous art. It makes my attempts seem so trivial...but it inspires me too. thanks for shaaring.


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