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Sunday, December 14, 2008

lavender & blue holiday ornaments

An illustration from the archives this chilly early morning. Yesterday I retrieved all my containers of crafty stuff from their storage places. Bundles of brightly coloured felt, embroidery floss, glitter, sequins and beads, ric rac (oh how I love ric rac) and all things of an embellishing nature. The plan - to spend an afternoon curled up by the fire, assorted cats and one perfect scraggly black girl lounging around with me, sipping hot spiced orange tea, holiday tunes playing for our listening pleasure or perhaps back to back episodes of WNTW with Stacy & Clinton on the television (I so get those rules, now if I could just put them into practice) making sparkly sweet home made ornaments. Sounds perfect & lovely.

Well ... it's still a plan. I needed a pattern, a direction, or a concept for these sweet embellished ornaments much like a painter with her palette of paints and a large blank canvas staring back at her ... I had way too many options, possibilities and ideas bubbling around in my brain. A sure recipe for disappointment. Crafting without a plan. I wasn't in this exercise just to enjoy the process (the road being just as important as the destination). I was definitely in it for the destination (that being to successfully create a few ornaments to give as gifts that I would be happy with. It's a very tall order. Maybe it's why I don't craft often - it looks so easy ...

So ... you'd find me mulling this morning. Mulling as I pour my second cup of coffee, pondering while readying the land of bubbles and scent and doing up the few dishes on the counter. Still mulling and pondering la plan for these crafted ornaments. Sigh.

We're off again this morning to the golf course Miss Dixon and I. We hope to meet up with our friends Maggy Sue (a golden retriever and Miss D's best girlfriend) and her Mom Deb. This early morning as I continue to mull about I'll be cheerily singing to Miss D (dogs love when you sing to them) ... We're goin' to the golf course and we're goin' zoom around ... sung with a twang to the tune of Goin' to the Chapel. She loves that.

Happy Sunday.


  1. O.M.Gosh....that was funny....I was reading your post to Greg, like I always do if he is around....

    and when I read the part about "going to the golf course, gonna zoom around"...didn't I just do it in a singsong-y voice and wasn't it Going to the Chapel! even if I can't sing..he got the idea...then I read the next line and we both laughed our heads off. We have a lot of goofy little things in common and I....... 'specially when it applies to animals....

    have a fun day with no plan at's the best way.... enjoy puttering with a few pretty things.... who cares if you don't get anything made..... it's all good.

  2. Apple especially responds to singing. She doesn't like being brushed as much as Edward does, but if I sing to her, she loves it! I usually sing
    I Feel Pretty - that's her favorite!!

  3. I love these ornaments and the colors. I hope your day ended up being beautiful and justas you planned.

    Much love to you..from here to there! xo

  4. the watercolors ornaments in purple and blue are just great. i know what you mean about needing a plan before beginning a craft. i very rarely stick to the plan but i just need a place to kick off from.

    hope you post photos soon!


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