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Friday, December 5, 2008

sparkle, a Noodle and cookies & tea

Yesterday I was busily putting my coat and scarf on late in the afternoon, getting ready to run a few errands around this little village when I heard an unusual bird sound from the kitchen window bird feeder station (or giant kitten flat screen television). I was thrilled to see a small grey, black and white bird with a very long sharp (insect eating) black beak and a vivid yellow throat flitting from feeder to feeder as if it was not familiar with these backyard buffets that we provide for the birds. Black sunflower seeds ? No not to his taste. Niger seed ? definitely no. Suet ? ahhh that's what he was looking for. I quickly memorized all the details of his appearance so that later I could look this bird up in my trusted Peterson's Eastern Bird Guide, I put Miss D's leash on (she likes to go for the drive) and off we went.

Earlier in the day a fellow dog lover and someone I've known well from her years working at our local bank called to tell me that she and her husband said goodbye to their sweet 15+ year old diabetic and blind senior dog Penny just the day before. She wanted to donate all Penny's special food, medications, syringes etc to the shelter and I had made arrangements to go and pick these items up. They have had Penny since she was 8 weeks old, she came from the same, way out in the country, shelter that the Noodle dog came from. Penny was their child. Winnie and I walk by their place each morning on our stroll around the village in darkness and Penny always greeted us with her lovely deep senior dog bark and we had noticed lately, that she was becoming especially thin and frail.

It felt like it was all meant to be - that she called me, that I had a chance to write a note in a card for both of them, and to drop it off in person. That I could be the one to give comfort and to stand in her entryway for a time as she reminisced and told tales of life with Penny, how much they loved her and how they can't believe that she's gone. Penny lived a long and incredible life and was loved as much as it's possible to be loved. As I carried the bags of donated things to the car I turned and said if you ever need someone to talk to ... I'm your girl.

Back home to dishes and kitchen tidying and I sat down to study my bird book. The mystery bird is a yellow throated warbler, extremely rare to Nova Scotia and this time of year he should be basking in the sun and humidity of Florida. If you remember this time last year I was feeding fat red grapes to the beautiful Lady Baltimore another bird far from home. Peanut butter and suet are this little guys preferred feeder foods so today we'll be sure to get a little PB out there at the bird buffet. If he's going to stick around these parts he'll need to be well fed.

Lunch out today with a friend, more frame tech production drawings and working out the details of new etsy shop items ! Happy sigh. Some photos from our little village by the sea tree fest, cafe and entertainment (from a local senior's chorale group the Traveller's).

and ... the word of the week - proroque - Canadian politics just became exciting.

café - Harry in the front leaning in chatting with the girls

the Traveller's - before their program began


  1. This is the first time I have heard of proroque. I looked it up then read the article that you linked. It is a bit confusing, but you are right about getting exciting. It appears people are getting fired up, from reading the comments.
    One commenter said "maybe we should take this all the way to the Queen of England". On our news last night, they reported that it had indeed gone all the way to the Queen. Our news didn't even mention the GG. Are we getting the straight story here?

  2. No ... it didn't go to the Queen. That's so funny. You yanks know so little about that vast open space, that is our country, to your North. Wink.

    There is a good chance our conservative (that would be very small "c" conservative compared to the meaning in the US) prime minister who currently has a minority government will be ousted by the three liberal -ish other parties (and my preferred guys).

  3. Susan, I thought that was strange when I heard it. I didn't think the Queen would be involved. You are right, we yanks are generally too distracted by pop culture to pay any attention to what's going on in the rest of the world. That bothers me.

  4. Bah! and Humbug! to all politicians!! they are making me crazy. See, this is why Greg says I shouldn't have a gun... he says I would always be out of bullets. Of course, I would have to live much closer to Parliament Hill to stop by and make them "dance" ...

    Hey....there's Harry.... finally....I was wondering if perhaps he was just a figment of your imagination.... just kidding....I knew he was there at the flower shop ... or gift place.

    He sounds like a special guy....

    I am stealing a picture of velvety, furry Oliver to keep me company today...I need something soft to pet. Arrrggghhhhhh!!!

  5. Oh....and.... I made "your" peasant bread again yesterday...I love that stuff!

  6. Hey Vee, I am finding all this political stuff kinda thrilling ... most likely because I am not at all fond of Stephen Harper so I'm thinking ... it's all lookin' "good" on him. And Canadian politics is usually so dry & dull.

    I'm so glad that you're enjoying that peasant bread recipe. It makes the best garlic toast and/or croutons.

    purrs & chirps from Sweet Ver.

  7. Susan, look on the Huffington Post. There is an article by Marc Ginsberg about your dust-up up there. See what you think... this is the news we are getting. (Or at least those of us who read the Huffington Post.)

  8. Just popping by to comment on your two wonderful photos - the first one of Oliver - it is just beautiful Susan - and the audience from the Travellers - you've captured the "essence" of these subjects just beautifully.Thank you for reminding me in one of your recent posts about the cabbage rolls. I had fully intended to make them.This relaxing weekend will be the perfect chance.Another piece of information, my daughter's housemate now manages Lush here in Adelaide!With Christmas looming, how good is that!On a more thoughtful note, I am so sorry for your friend's loss, and glad that she has such a friend as you close by, who can offer such deep understanding.


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