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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

shells gathered from a white beach ... long ago

Not last night but the night before I was woken by a huge glass-breaking crash in the middle of the night. I knew instantly what it was, well not exactly what it was but I knew who it was, the culprits of the crash. Oliver & Gus. Having a 2am tumble, tear, zip around, pinging off of the furniture like little X games kittens - that mad kitten thing - that thing they love to do. I got up to check and see what exactly had happened, surveyed the situation quickly and rushed back upstairs to once again burrow back deep into the nest of down and flannel. I'd deal with the clean up in the morning. They had knocked a blue glass hen shaped dish to the floor, a dish that contained little bits of this and that. Little bits of this and that. Another song from the soundtrack of my life. Tiny assorted bits of life, shards of memories some much cherished ... and many practically meaningless. Yet they all share the same space in my home. The dish shattered falling to the floor and also knocked over a large wicker basket filled with beautiful shells and pieces of coral. Shells long untouched and completely covered in a thick layer of dust. I'm quite sure that the huge crash of glass, the spilling of this and that and the task of cleaning up was meant to direct my attention to these shells ...

Shells that are beautiful ... both to look at and to touch. Every single shell unique and different from the next. All gathered carefully by me (placed in a used coffee can and later stowed away in luggage) alone on a beach with white pure sand, hot sun and warm, warm clear waters ... long, long ago.

Change your thoughts, and you change your world

Norman Vincent Peele

T'is true, I do believe Norman ... and how to change those thoughts ...
that is the secret

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference


  1. Hi Susan, Its 45 minutes into 2009 here already! I passed the last moments of 2008 watching a dvd and didn't even realise 2008 was over. Anyway, as I was at the computer (since I don't have a TV I watch movies on the computer) I thought Id check in and be the first to wish you a happy new year. Happy New Year!

    The little bits of this and that revealed here are quite captivating Susan.

  2. Good morning, sweet and beautiful Susan. What a lovely and heartfelt post. I always venture to your blog every morning...and start my day with a cup of caffeine and your blog...I can think of no other way to start my day. Your thought-provoking and picture capturing posts, continue to move me and encourage me in my little world over here.

    Love u and the furry gang more than you know! xo

  3. Susan, those shells are beautiful. I love to collect them, too. I have them in little containers all over the house. (Also your beach treasures... thank you.)
    The shells that had remained untouched are now out in the open and in your thoughts. See... your thoughts changed just like that!
    Happy New Year!

  4. G'morning Susan!
    Your post reminded me of a book I have called "Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life" by Wayne Dyer. You can get it in at the Pugwash library. It's his interpretation of the "Tao te Ching", another favorite book I have but one who's original verses are a little difficult to understand because of their depth. Wayne simplifies its verses in a way for the layperson to understand and apply to life. The Tao te Ching is translated as "The Book of the Way" and if its teachings can be applied to our daily living, we can find peace and bliss.
    Oh, and I once read that the way a person spends the eve of the incoming New Year is an indication of how the year will unfold…
    Happy New Year to you and your little critters!
    hugs and love (from me and my little critters),

  5. I always enjoy your beach gathered pics. Beautiful.

    I raise a cup of kindness to you, dear bloggy friend. Happy New Year!

  6. what a gorgeous collection of shells! and your words are very touchig today, susan!

    hope, peace,love and joy to all and all who dwell at 29 black street!

  7. Happy New Year to you and your menagerie, Susan. How fortuitous of your kitties to direct your attention to something you needed to see on New Year's Eve!
    "Change your thoughts, and you change your world" is a perfect quote - I sat with a theraputic friend many, many hours figuring out for myself, how to go about this. I believe we can all accomplish it, in our own style, with some work.
    Best wishes for 2009. I hope you find yourself in peace and contentment, and where ever else you want to be!

  8. I also live near the sea yet oddly I do not collect shells. Love your quote and your photographs, may your New Year be peaceful and full of posibilities.

  9. Hi Susan, I discovered your blog from Alex's (Quill and Pen)....and I love your blog. Very interesting and your Etsy items are wonderful. You style is great....Happy New Year!

  10. It is interesting how things come to our attention. Such lovely items from a far off time.
    And, frankly, I hope V is wrong, because I'm spending this day doing stupid reports!

  11. Such a charming metaphor for life. Sometimes everything has to be knocked to the floor for us to see all the hidden treaures hiding just beneath the surface! Happy Eve, Susan! And Miss Winnie D and all those impish cats!!

  12. Hey Susan..... just stopping by to say Happy New is after 9 here, so I guess it is already 2009 there.....
    We are just hanging out at home ... I'll be sitting near the fireplace watching a midnight.. I'll make a little toast to a new year and good health for us all.......

    Get your quilts and hunker down in the downstairs rooms where it is ride out the blizzard Greg read that you are having....

  13. Shells like yours are so pristine andperfect.

    Happy New Year, Susan.

    Sorry about your shattered hen glass bt it's good you saw it as you did.


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