Thursday, January 1, 2009

Miss D and I in the woods yesterday afternoon

I made no resolutions for the New Year. The habit of making plans, of criticizing,
sanctioning and molding my life, is too much of a daily event for me.

Anais Nin

I'm up too early this morning. It's nearly 6am and I've already been up for hours. I went to bed too early last evening, fell asleep too early and then was woken by a hungry Gus purring madly and butting me gently with his head - my handsome sleek, tabby cat, outside swirling snow and winds and everywhere the beginning of a brand new year. We're in the midst of a blizzard which is forecast to continue throughout the day. The power is on, the fire is blazing and we're all safe & snug in our big brick house by the sea.

I think I'll have a nap and a pot of tea this afternoon.

Happy New Year to all
and hey Lara where did you disappear to ?


  1. Lara accidentally got her Google account deleted, so she opened a new one.

    She also decided not to go incognito now. She's really a Georgiana.

    Wish you a merry 2009!
    and to the fluffy bunch: Woof-yip-yap-meow-ruff-purrrr-woof!

  2. Wow, I couldn't be more honoured to have a linkf rom your gorgeous blog. I'm listening to the very moody, beautiful DCFC and somehow reading your blog, and looking at your photos at the same time fits it so perfectly.

    I had hoped I'd be your first post for your Jan 1 posting but oh well.

    Funny, there you are getting up early, up for hours, and here I am going to bed so late, also up for hours. 4:00 am is late enough. Bon Soir, Susan.

    Happy New Year Day!!

  3. Nearly time to turn in for the night on this first day of January here in Australia. Best wishes for 2009 dear Susan. I look forward to more of your creativity,openess, and chats. Much love to you and the creatures.

  4. Happy New Year Susan, to you and your furry family.

    Stay safe and warm today in that blizzard.

    I left a message and a lovely song on my blog today if you care to visit.

  5. Happy New Year, sweet Susan! :)


  6. Susan that picture you conjured up for me of warmth with a cup of tea and your sweet dog is HEAVEN! Happy New Year!

  7. Susan, I wish you a truly Happy New Year. I am so glad we "met" this year. All of us, Edward, Winnie and the cats included!

  8. Lots of hopefulness for a sweet, happy and productive New Year! Much love and warm hugs to you, Miss Dixon, Nessie, Ver and Gus

  9. Can't believe all your snow melted looks kind of like late fall in the trees...

    However, with the blizzard.... you're bound to be white again... hope you are cozy..... and have a stash in the pantry so you don't have to go anywhere... even hardtack and tea would be fine in a pinch, eh?

  10. i'm having tea this afternoon as well. it's cold but very sunny here. presley has been napping in a spot of sun streaming thru the front door.

    i like the anais nin quote -- i can relate.

    hope the snow is not so heavy that you and miss winnie d can't get out for your walk!!


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