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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

the cover of a small paperback book - Francais for Chats)

The first time I read this book, kneeling down in the aisle of a book store, I laughed so hard I got the hiccups, and I thought for sure I'd pee my pants.

Yesterday was A Day. Big Sigh. One of those up, down and sideways days that by the time 6:30 pm arrived and darkness had completely fallen I just wanted to snug deep down into the nest, with a cup of tea and Middlesex (p102 it's a great book).

A new clock radio with a CD player I ordered online arrived yesterday. The plan, to replace my 15 year old bedside clock radio with one that also played CD's so I could listen to audio books while snug in the nest. Soon I will be working from the nest. Obviously I did not read fully the description of les clock radio as once it was unpacked I realized it was enormous, not at all appropriate for les bedside and must be shipped back and something else ordered. This is the second clock radio CD player that I've purchased this year. The first el cheapo version would not tune in my fav CBC radio station - whats up with that ? so it was packed up and returned. Now I'm onto version trois. Shopping where there are no shops. Sigh.

I am less fond of climbing down

I captured my favourite stray cat in a carrier and took him to the vet yesterday. He will stay there for a few days of spa treatments, antibiotics and neutering. This little village like any little village, town or city has way too many stray cats - if we can just keep neutering & spaying it really does help keep their population down. There are many kind souls who feed them and leave a shed or garage door open so that they have a cozy and warm spot to sleep. Our local shelter foots the bill if we can do the capturing. I have been thinking about catching him for over a year. I call him Scrag- because he is so Scraggly, he's grey and white, long haired, and a bit sickly looking. Yesterday I just decided, put my mind to it and I did it. A little tuna, a soft voice, leather gloved hands (just in case) and a gentle shove. A very good Sigh

the forbidden foods

Yesterday I handed over one of my three email addresses to the two girls at the post-office who are convinced they may be making a match made in heaven and have plans to hand over my email address to a man. A man who they've decided I must get to know. A man who must get to know me. After much painful deliberation I realized I couldn't say no. One of those situations in life, were try as you might, you just can't come up with a reasonable excuse to say no. I wrote out my email address on a piece of paper and handed it over to them as they stood beaming at me ... beaming - uh huh ... I'm not kidding. Make that a double please - Sigh, Sigh.

I had my second official weigh in of this new year at my Weight Loss Group of 2 meeting also at the post-office (with one of les girls). T'is definitely my hot spot here in this little village - the post-office - where all the action happens -no question. I lost 2 lbs this past week - probably from all the Sighing.

the return to one's territory

While attempting to transfer *data (in a half-assed, not really fully grasping the seriousness of what I was doing way) from my old laptop to my still relatively new big 24" imac beast I became impatient, and restarted my laptop after 4 hours of transferring (you idiot what were you thinking). As soon as I pressed the restart button that sick feeling began creeping over me. Now that screen is pale grey (not good) and after speaking (through tears) with Cherub like Calm & Caring Dave at Mac's Are Us (bless him) in the city who talked me down from that very dark place I will bundle her up today, carefully in bubble wrap and cardboard and courier her off to have diagnostics done. It's giving me a pain in my stomach as I type this. Sigh, Sigh, Sigh (and repeat).

Finally Miss D and I went for our evening walk in darkness and I spent that time attempting to calm myself down, chill myself out, to breath deeply (basically sighing IN instead of out) and trying to just enjoy our walk ... and I did.
We did, the two of us ... Miss D and I.

So ... I'm hopin' that today is going to be one of those breeze along, no big deal days. It's raining this early morning and very mild however tonight those temperatures are going to plunge to bitter cold through the weekend. I'm so glad Scrag's at the spa.

* data - iphotos & imovies - practically all of my much loved photos and little video clips of the big red dog Jake and my golden girl Emma Jane Louise. My entire itunes collection (not such a big deal) and all my work, thankfully which had been backed up several times.

Oh Happy Day update - Just for the hell of it I started up les beautiful old titanium powerbook and ... Shut Up !!! she's fine !!!! oh happy, happy day, no more grey blank screen. Les data, files and all much loved photos and movies of those sweet Noodle & Em dogs are safe & sound. Be still my freakin' heart.


  1. No wonder you loved that book Susan - I would too! Congratulations on taking the bull by the horns in all sort of circumstances you've mentioned in this post - the weight loss, the email address, the computer glitches - you have my admiration.Thank you so much for your comment on my blog, and glad you enjoy our ABC station - sometimes in the early hours I listen to the BBC which we recieve loud and clear in the small hours.Also in relation to your comment,my daughter's house-mate now manages Lush here in Adelaide. How good is that!!

  2. that's receive...oh god, "i before e except after c", and me a teacher too.

  3. Susan....good for you on the e-mail address. Remember my post..
    "Never Say Never, Destiny Will Get You". Sigh........You just never know what is lurking around the corner!

  4. Well....good for you girl. Those ladies at the post office must be pretty persuasive and good for them that they are. And going to the weight loss program...that's going to boost your self esteem for sure, only, be sure NOT to get boring when that happens! (ha!)

    I'm tickled to see you taking some daring moves. Especially that email business. Like I said to myself when I first communicated with the man from e-harmony...."a few emails are perfectly safe and what have I got to loose?"

  5. Are you wondering who "K" is? Well, it's me, Anya. Katy has a google account too and the i.d. below the comment box was in her name today.

  6. K, I mean Anya, was "loose" a petite Freudian slip ? La Wink.

  7. Susan, I'm glad you have all your data back. That has happened to me in the past, but I wasn't so lucky. Congratulations on the weight loss and I hope your email address adventure brings you happiness. You have such a kind soul.

  8. Congrats on the two pounds. So sorry about the Imac! Sigh.

  9. Susan, thank goodness your computer came back to life. And thank goodness for people who care for stray cats.
    By the way, I am making your cabbage roll casserole again today!

  10. Oh, phew!! thank you computer gods or whomever... (I use the small "g" on purpose).... er, that all your stuff is intact. All this tekk-y stuff can make us crazy.... not that I know anything about any of it..... I freak if one little thing other than I recognize appears on this screen......

    ... and...from yesterday..... yes, all the wrong people do indeed seem to "have", "inherit" "make up", or somehow "find".... the most overinflated self images possible..... but, they are handy to initially stand beside at a party. They get things going and you can just stand there looking amused....and listen, because they never get tired of hearing about themselves... til you get a handle on things and find somewhere else to stand or

  11. I kind of hate days like that, really, I'd rather not bounce around radically. If it's a good day, fine, if it's a bad day, well, fine too. Just don't tie me up in knots continuously.
    And who knows, maybe the ladies at the P.O. have good intuition and something wonderfully unexpected will happen.

  12. Hi Susan,
    Your days sound interesting and filled with many escapades. I smile reading your post today imagining you checking in at the post office with your weight loss buddy (do you get on the scales they use to weight the parcels?!) or pulling on gloves to catch a stray cat, or imagining your delight when the computer isnt broken after all.

  13. Thank you so much for the poem. You were entirely right, I loved it. I've got to go see if I can find her reading it, so I can hear that lovely accent.

    A man?! Now, you will definitely have to keep us posted on this one. And don't pull that "hermit thing" you like to do, if he asks you out. Promise?

  14. Oh, it was heavenly hearing Hadfield read it, herself. I had to listen to it three times. Goosebumby lovely. Thank you!!!!!

  15. Susan,
    Yes the nest...
    always ready for it by 7 p.m. with flannel pj's and my laptop or book or watching movies.
    Hope you find that perfect CD/clock radio...
    sure do love my Bose.. for that..
    Small and the sound superb.
    I have to check out that book.

  16. Thanks for the link to the moose totem site. I do believe the creatures have as much right to this world as we do. I have a special place in my heart for humming birds.

  17. Oh Susan! Thank you for taking care of Scrag! I DO hope he is actually healthy when all is said and done. Your local shelter is a godsend to do the spaying/neutering for free. We have a program or two for the elderly and/or economically disadvantaged here in Dallas to use for that purpose, but not nearly enough folks avail themselves of the opportunity. It is a shame! A city of this size doing so little for its stray animal population!

    You are just amazing! Good luck with EVERYTHING! Love your pics of Miss Winnie D. Love that DOG!



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