Saturday, January 17, 2009

an idea, a sketch ... not yet a done deal

anything is possible though ... I do know this to be true. uh huh

I picked the Scrag up yesterday after lunch at the height of our blue sky sunshiny cold, c-o-l-d, day. Because of the sunshine beating down on it, my front stoop or porch was a balmy -10 C, perhaps even warmer. These days I back the 97' teal coloured Escort wagon into the driveway so that it faces the morning sun, then if I do decide to drive anywhere the heat of the sun will have warmed up the engine and cleared my windshield of frost and ice. One of those little things in life that make you smile - and I secretly love backing up, I find it challenging in a good way. Scrag seemed very happy to be sprung, he had a quick bite to eat and then happily trotted off to resume his travels around this little village. He stopped back around suppertime for another bite to eat ... so I guess there are no hard feelings.

More of the same today. More cold, more sunshine, more minutes & moments and more staring at and contemplating the little bridge in front of me. A little Illustrator tutorial-ness over at, a little filing, a little organizing and maybe even a little sewing. Who knows. But we'll start with a walk Miss D and I. I let her decide what's too cold and so far she doesn't seem to mind this weather. She sure loves her walk, Miss D does, and her always intense nasal investigations.

Happy Saturday.

Can you spy the two golden retrievers in the photo below ...

check out this heavenly place
and I love this song ... Ryan Adams


  1. I see that paw trying to type backwards..........
    The song is really lovely, speaking of it takes two.......
    Any news from " you've got mail??
    Have a warm and contented day Susan!

  2. Sweet Susan...I love your new art..your personality resonates in it. Shut up! :) hahaha

    I listened to the song/video a couple of times. I've heard of Ryan Adams but never really listened to his music. The words that really caught my attention were "I'm fractured..." Thanks for sharing.

    Wishing you a beautiful weekend!

    Much love to you and the furry gang!

  3. Not yet Carol ... and not a subject that I expect to be talking too much about. I'm not as open a book as I perhaps appear to be.

    The whole point of that mention was - life does really throw you curve balls "and" always when you least expect it/them, be careful crossin' that next bridge, consider hanging out at your local post office and sighing will help you lose weight.

    Anything is possible

    Ryan Adams has a beautiful voice and gorgeous lyrics. I particularly like that line
    too Sweet Pea.

  4. I am happy to hear that Scrag is okay and harbors no ill will. You all stay warm up there. It is bitterly cold here, our coldest night yet, and Apple is confused by it. She's not crazy about spending loads of time outside, whereas Edward thinks it is just heaven!! Happy Weekend Susan....I do love the new illustration!

  5. I see trusty Oliver, the best office assistant...helping...... lol....

  6. Keep on keeping on with that illustrator tutorial. At least you have online tutors. Back in the stone age I had to go over the tutorial CD OVER AND OVER AND OVER. But it is worth it. You too will HAVE THE POWER!

  7. Came here from Carol's blog. I have spent a lot of time in your beautiful country, capturing it on my cameras.

    In fact, my next novel is partially set in a memorable part of Ontario ....

  8. i have a big love for ryan adams. since "wildflowers" i have easy tiger- great CD.

    like your affirmation poster. uh-huh!

  9. p.s. i would like to add a link to you with your picture with em. are you okay with that?


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