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Monday, January 5, 2009

Ver Ver

Oliver - a golden retriever it seems, perhaps even red, thinly disguised as a calico cat. How can one small soft cat, who always smells like fresh laundry, provide so much love & comfort. Blows my mind and ... makes me feel very grateful.

Well today January 5 is my official new year. Vacation's over, half speed productivity must once again amp up to full speed. Even though I alluded to not having resolutions this year. I am a resolution, my life, is and has been, always a project of fine tuning and improving - where ever possible and that of course continues this new year. I will spend time today writing down some of my goals for this brand new year. First and foremost on that list is to continue to grow my own, autonomous, creative empire - one where I continue to happily work for customer No Uno (and others) but am not completely dependent on them for my financial survival. Financial security - by far my biggest goal ... so I'm putting it out there ...
hope you're listening Monsieur Universe.

Hey - my good things mini poster is featured @ serendipity factory today. Hooray !

More PBS goodness begins tonight - a 6 part documentary The Story of India


  1. Morning, girl. I like that...."I am a resolution." That's exactly how I I'm always in the making....not ever quite done and ready for the oven yet. Oh, well...perhaps that's the best way to be. If we aren't done and cast in stone there's always room to make a fast change if circumstances call for one.

    I'm thinking about "resolutions" today also, though I try not to call them that. Let's talk about those on the blogs...maybe our other friends will too. It would be fun to read what everyone's thinking about.

  2. Goals for the new year... hmm. So far I haven't been able to shape them clearly in my mind. I know I have to be more "purposeful" (is that a word?).
    For a long time now, I've been allowing myself to drift without any real goals in mind. I am going to have to give this some thought!

  3. I'm with you...and that's probably the way it should be... we never want to stop all of a sudden and say... there...I'm done! Like a painting or something. That doesn't work...because then we'd become "dated", stodgy and old....

    I'm not sure about Anya's description...I laughed right out loud because immediately, I thought... makes it sound like we could be half baked"... hahhahahahh... but, so what? I guess that's okay too.... as a matter of fact...I think I am.....

  4. Hey, that's excellent about you being listed on that other blog with your artwork right there for the word to see. I love her description of you.

    Actually, I love you description of you too--a resolution of constant refinement. How very well put and what a good way to see yourself.

    I love your descripton of your cat smelling like clean laundry (that's what mine used to smell like too) and the comfort such a small animal can bring. So true. Man, I miss having cats. We have two huge dogs which really is not so me as cats are who can sit on your lap purring all day, etc. Such joy in that.

    As for The Shack, I'm sure you've got tonnes of books on your list to read already but It is a powerful story of forgiveness, if you can get through the theology stuff that I'm thinking isn't really in line with your worldview. Still, some very pointed stuff in there that I think would speak to anyone regardless. It's good to get a more eternal perspective on things too.

    Enjoy your NEw Year, Susan. I so love your visits and my visits here. You are a delight.

  5. Hey, thanks for the heads up on the PBS India series. Sounds like it might be really good!

  6. Oh Susan! That's what I gasped when I saw your photo of Oliver. That photo is superb!

  7. Such a sweet face. And it is amazing how comforting a small ball of warm, purring fur can be. I've avoided resolutions this year, even though last year's went okay, I think because I already have so many "must-dos" that adding to it seems like overkill.

  8. A cat who smells like fresh laundry. A delight indeed. The top of Apple's head smells like clover, while the top of Edward's smells just like the beach. Go figure.

  9. Hey, Susan, Thank you for visiting my new venture into the blogging world and making such a nice comment.
    I, too, live in an old, brick house, circa 1820 and the mice live here, too. When my 2 cats (both of which smell like fresh laundry and I am forever grateful for) go into the attic, I try not to think about what goes on up there when I hear all the running about.
    When we first moved into this ol' house about 30 years ago, I got up one morning and a little mouse had it's front paws up on the dry cat food bowl and was munching away....until my cat, Wizard, made quick work of that !
    Love your recent photo of your cat's profile.
    I will be checking in on your blog often.


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