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Monday, January 26, 2009

hey ! ... you

Hey ! you ... are ya thinking good thoughts ?

A new mini poster print available in my etsy shop later today • a near perfect Sunday • a call early in the day from that girl best pal & designer gal MLou who would never forget what day it was. Sometimes just the sound of her voice makes me want to cry I feel so incredibly grateful for her and all that she is • then my weekly Sunday morning catch-up chat with my one and only sibling Sandra • followed by a surprise phone call from one of my favourite people in the whole world - my nephew Michael, he and I chatted for over an hour and until the very last moment before Miss D and I had to rush to fire up the teal coloured 97' Escort wagon for we had made a date to meet Deb & Maggy Sue at the golf course at lunch time for lots of spins and twirls and racing, running happy dogs • This song played on the radio as we drove the 10 minute drive - Pop at it's absolute finest and the most perfect driving in the car with dog(s) music (second only to G. who was a particular favourite of J's) • a big long hour and half walk in crisp cold air, sunshine and the bluest skies ... Winnie loves other dogs and she loves to spend time with Maggy Sue. As we drove home she sat in her front seat, with the sun basking in on her barely able to keep her eyes open ... so perfectly content and tired. Adore her • Home to make a pot of tea and my Sunday afternoon ritual of 3 hours spent dans la nest with my current good book Middlesex - a fantastic book that I knew I would love • and finally 2 hours of my main man Rex (really smart is so the new handsome) and the question this week Hey! all you Canadians what do "we all" think about - this weeks Washington inauguration parté, Obama and his first official visit outside of the US which will be to Canada • & sleepy sighs


  1. we, too, had blue sky and sunshine....and only -12 C.... still brrrr .... my hands were a bit shaky with the camera, but got some nice winter shots for my "photo a day" group that joined... ....

  2. It's been a milestone month all around, for you and I and Anya too. (Well, for Anya it was NON-milestones, but those are good too.) It's simply and constantly amazing to me how time goes. Truly though, Susan, I think 2009 is shaping up to be a fantastic year, even with the inevitable rough patchs. :)


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