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Monday, January 12, 2009

giraffe - love you forever

The very first in what I hope & plan to be a vast series of sweet animal inspired children's art or art for the child at heart. Since my day job consists of mostly drawing the cute, the sweet and the dear and so many of those ideas and drawings (some very good) simply fall by the way side and get left behind gathering dust - so I've decided to dust a few of them off, get out my gang of assorted (couldn't live without them) black drawing pens, sit here at the teak topped desk and relish in my long time love of the doodling. This Mama giraffe & baby- available now in les etsy shop - measures 9x6 and is printed on an 8.5x11 sheet of super heavy, super smooth bright white Cougar 130lb stock. Each print can be customized (see picture below) at no extra cost by simply leaving me a message when purchasing. I can't wait to begin drawing the next in the series ... I'm hoping later today.

I am SO inspired by the many, many creative people that I find while trolling around the amazing lands of blog & worlds of etsy. I don't know if many of you take the time to do a little exploring in these lands ... if not I would highly suggest you give it a try because it is totally mind blowing ... the talent that lives out there. If I'm feeling a little draggy, a little slumpy I just take myself to the land of etsy or I take time to visit a few of the incredibly creative blogs that I haunt (and hunt for) on a regular basis and magically my draggy slump begins to dissolve ... and those darn ol' creative juices begin to flow. And speaking of Creative Empire building (which as you know is my tip top goal) I've chosen The Black Apple again for my blog of the week - because she is simply - a genius, so so talented and so inspiring to me ... and to many others.

There is a perfect blanket of fresh soft snow down, that airy dusty snow - the kind that reminds you of pretend snow - movie snow. Miss D and I will blaze a new trail with our foot and paw steps this early morning.


  1. That is SO freakin' adorable! And I love that dry, powdery snow. Not so good for snowballs or -men, but easy to walk through.

  2. You are so clever Susan -and versatile! Nice work!!Thanks for sharing what you've been up to.

  3. Marvelous drawing, Susan. People like you inspire me to start drawing again. I sued to be pretty good back in the day when I did that regularly for fun.

    It struck me as quite intriguing that "perfect" snow is one that looks like the fake snow used in movies and such. I know exactly what you mean but isn't that funny?! We think we can improve upon nature, whatever ti gives us.

    Just saw your "29" house drawing in your Etsy shop. Ooooh, love it. I wish I could by up everything you've got. Do you print these out on a a high end inkjet or laser printer on the the stock you use?

  4. Good morning, sweet Susan. How adorable! You captured the love between momma and her baby perfectly!! LOVE it! :)



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