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Monday, January 19, 2009

anything is possible - mini poster print 8.5x11

Anything and everything is possible ... uh huh, it's true.

You just have to believe it to be so. It really is that simple.

I spent the better part of yesterday watching the thermometer slowly rise again (hooray !) and sitting here at the teak topped desk listening to CBC radio (Sunday is always a fantastic non-stop schedule of programming) quite lost in my paints, with my indispensable mini desktop light table, a stack of vintage books, an exacto knife & glue stick in a blissful (well ... OK near blissful) state of la la la-ness. It was another one of those bridges that are right in front of you situations this new practice (and it is most definitely a practice) of just being creative - instead of sitting and planning and scheming to the endth degree every detail and nuance of my next creative masterpiece in my head before beginning anything. Spending far too much time doing endless mentals instead of visuals or thumbnails always attempting to come up with the biggest, best, most perfect idea yet. What sharp as a tack phrase can I come up with ? what colours should I use ? what font ? should it be kooky ? should it me hand drawn and edgy ? or maybe very crisp and clean ??? My new approach, or practice is to plan a little, scheme a little and do a lot. And just let it be ... unless I absolutely hate the finished result, I'll have a few prints made at Carl's shop (my favourite printer) on my new super heavy, super smooth, beautiful paper stock and I'll list the new piece in les etsy shop, and let someone else decide ... if it's nice, cool, meaningful, cheery, dull, great .... and me, I'll just move on to the next bridge, on to my next project.

The best CBC Sunday shows Sunday Edition with Michael Enright 3 hours of documentary style radio a with a bit of music thrown in - Wire Tap with Jonathan Goldstein - a show that's definitely in my top 5 - he's a genius and I'm always sad because this half hour gem blows by way too fast. Tapestry - with Mary Hynes - a show about the many faces of spirituality, always interesting and thought provoking - Writers & Company with Eleanor Wachtel - an hour chat with often obscure authors that you otherwise would never hear of ... and later- Cross Country Checkup with my guy Rex Murphy - a 2 hour call in show, a question is posed to the listeners of this nation each week and people call in from all over Canada with their opinions and stories. Last week's question was Are governments doing enough for the state of mental health in this country ? and last night Carving up the budget - our government is about to present it's new budget, so the question was How do Canadians think the money should be spent ? Totally scintillating. Wink.

Hey it's Obama week. Wow ! Congratulations US of A !! ... Goodnight Bush


  1. Oh Susan, thanks so much for leaving such a lovely comment on my blog. And for the book suggestions. Hey I love your work and the way you write. I shall be back and I will check out your Etsy shop too!!

  2. Love your work. Enjoy your writings. And yes...Anything and everthing IS possible. AMEN!

  3. Good morning, sweet, sweet Susan. I just LOVE the new poster. I want to buy it, so please let me know when it's ready. I need that before my eyes every day right now!

    Thanks for all your love and encouragement this week. The things you have reccomended are helpful.

    Love u VERY much! xo

  4. PS Going back to catch up on your last few posts...

  5. I have adopted the practice of la-la-la-ness myself. I like the collage-y feel of your new poster.

  6. Yes, it is Obama week. And we are ebullient down here!! :D

  7. ... and now I know what you mean when you say that you are "ebullient" 'cause I've had my daily visit to Willow Manor.

  8. I have a book called "Sorry Everybody.. an apology to the world for the re-election of George W. Bush." It's a collection of photographs of Americans with their messages to the rest of the world.

    I just checked their website They are updating it with hopeful messages now... it's nice to see.

  9. I need more out-of-my-head, la la la-ness too. I don't want to act rashly, that's gotten me in trouble before, but if I look too long before I leap, I don't.

  10. I like this - the la la la-ness. I could use a little more of it these days I think.
    Interesting in regard to the question about the govn't needing to do more about mental health. I could go on and on, but I definitely think there are so many people that slip through the cracks and I know it's impossible to keep up with everyone and everything, but I think that, yes, more could be done.

  11. I shall addopt your la-la-la-ness as part of my "joy" philosophy this year. My embracing of this word as part of my new year resolution is going well, and I expect to exercise this little word to its full-blown extent when I get up at 3 a.m. to watch the Obama inauguration from here in Australia. I like your all of your creative endeavours Susan, the writing, the art... and appreciate your lovely comments and visits.


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