wild wind & snow

Friday, January 2, 2009

twinkling, sparkling lights and swirling, blowing snow

Well ... we all slept in this morning.

Thank goodness that I didn't set the timer on the coffee maker last night and here I sit nearly 3 hours past my normal time drinking my second cup of freshly brewed coffee from my favourite Starbuck's mug given to me by that best-friend-a-girl-could-have girl.

Winnie Dixon was sick in the night, very sick ... she threw up (not that unusual - dogs do throw up from time to time) but I could tell from the position that she insisted in lying in that she was experiencing pain and abdominal discomfort. I decided to get up, get dressed, and maybe take her outside, to try to observe her more closely. She did come downstairs with me 'cause my girl Miss D would follow me anywhere, but she immediately insisted on lying down on the kitchen floor, while I put my boots on - which is so not my girl. My girl would be dancing and rubbing her scraggly black body against my knees, she's be wriggling and smiling at me as I zipped zippers, snapped snaps and pulled on mittens. But she laid on the cool kitchen floor looking at me with that sweet and somewhat sheepish look that sick dogs often have. We stood outside in darkness in our big fenced in dog yard at 2 am, snow wildly swirling all around us. She was sick a few more times, and at one point she actually laid down in the snow for a time, too weak or too uncomfortable to stand - terrible flash backs of exactly one year ago. I said my prayers and when we came inside again I curled up with a thick blanket on the sofa in front of the fire so that I could keep a close eye on her. A few hours later she got up in the big brown arm chair and curled up in her normal ball-of-black-fur position, a very good sign I thought to myself ... and she's still there.

I think she's feeling better. Some photos from this time yesterday when the storm was still quite mild compared to what it eventually became. Wild, wild wind & snow

Miss D's up (hooray !) and actually curled up in her nest of a den under my desk. Mama's gonna bundle up and take her girl out for a wee stroll around this very snowy, windy little village. Merci God.

9:20 am - blue skies, iced over harbour, cold temperatures and the sounds of snowploughs roaming the streets of this little village.


  1. Good morning!
    A sick dog. Oh I so hope the nausea has stopped for good.
    This is not fun.
    Over Christmas for 1 week Bailey was sick like that... flashbacks to his surgery in Nov.
    But luckily....he is all better, so we send you good wishes for the illness to go away.
    The snow pictures are beautiful.
    It's so cold and windy here, but alas no snow.
    Stay warm and well.
    Mim and Bailey

  2. I hope Miss D is better.

    What a difference a day makes in the weather. I know I'm being overly generous, but you may keep the snow up there.

  3. Oh my, Susan! Poor Miss WD!!! I am not a vet, but I must ask: did you check her gums for signs of dehydration? If you don't know how, you just raise her lip up on one side and take your finger and press it against her upper gum and make a WHITE spot...then count 1001, 1002, 1003 and see how long it takes for the gum to come back to pink....also you can tell if the gums are STICKY...not a good sign. They should be wet like yours and mine. and by 1002 count, those gums should be PINK again. If they stay white, she needs to get to the vet and get some fluids in her asap. Being in rescue, we have seen ALL KINDS of doggy maladies and to me, any sick animal is a frightening situation. They can go down hill so fast, as you well know.

    Blessing to you both and I will keep our sweet girl in my prayers today. Hopefully it is just an uncomfortable tummy upset and she will be back to her normal self by days end, if not sooner!


  4. I am so sorry! I hope Miss D feels better soon. The photos are lovely. Like a winter wonderland.

  5. Thankfully Miss D seems to have made a full recovery and thank you Vicki for the info. I did know to check her gums for paleness and potential anemia but "did not" know to check for dehydration. She did eat quite a bit of cat food yesterday and it was the much richer little gourmet tins of salmon florentine, duck medley and such and we recently switched to a homemade chicken rice dog food (from beef & rice - my girls got an itch ...an allergy ??) She's on a wee fast this morning.

    And I just heard the snow plough fairies out on the street in front of my house. Roger, my neighbour who comes along in his tractor and removes the awful big hump that the big snowplough leaves at the end of my driveway - and the nasty, worst part of shoveling.

  6. Blackstreet looks like a fairy tale house in all that gorgeous snow!

  7. I'm glad she's feeling better.

    Oh, this snow. It seems we are living out your way this season. I don't think we have had this much snow in, well, I don't know how long.

    Keep warm and I hope miss d will continue to be on the mend.

  8. So lovely and serene. I'm glad Miss D. is feeling better, and hope the weather doesn't get too nasty.

  9. Oh, I hope she's feeling better. There's nothing worse. No doubt she might have eaten something she shouldn't. That happened to Apple one morning, and we had dreadful nausea for hours... then a long sheepish sleep, then all better.

    What snow you have!! I wish you lots of hot soups and teas, warm crackling fires and a well and happy dog on your feet!!

  10. What was initially a concerning post turned out to be O.K in the end. Can't tell you how relieved I am Susan, for both of you. Let's hope that girl of yours will be feeling 100 per cent again in no time. It must have given you quite a scare.I have never been in an environment of heavy snow (though I have a small window of opportunity in the eastern states of Australia if I choose).It looks thick, heavy, quiet and strange but beautiful too. I gather there is a lot of inconvenience also, which must go hand in hand with the magic.Hope you can all keep safe, warm and healthy at No. 29.

  11. Brrrr... it looks so cold and snowy. But very pretty, and cozy with the sparkling lights shining from the window.
    I hope Miss D is all over her sick spell. You have made us all feel very fond of her through your words and photos.

  12. So happy to hear that Miss D. seems back to normal...

    the new snow looks so pretty ...I love the look of it.. it's always just the extra work of cleaning and also the driving conditions that get us after a few months I think. We have a lot more snow this year than we've had in several recent years. This is actually a more normal amount to me....

  13. I LOVE YOUR PHOTOS!!! tha top one os so seasonal, but why, methinks, does Susan have a christmas tree or at least christmas lights in her house for someone so not inclined to get into this holiday?

    Glad all came out OK with Winn Dixie!


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