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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

summer - periwinkle shells, beach glass, oliver & flowers from the garden

A stroll this early morning through the photo archives and to these images from late last summer. I guess I don't take as many photographs in winter and that's really all about the light or the lack of. I rarely take a photo that's not lit by beautiful natural light, and the brighter, the sun shinier, the better.

Just cruisin' along through January we are. Mama's trying to always stay clear of that deep dark water, to be mindful as much as possible and to just let the minutes and moments of each day flow over and around me ... and honestly, it works like a charm. In any given moment, in any given day, just stop and ask yourself ... How do I feel in this very moment ? It's almost always dwelling on the past or fretting about the future that gets us into trouble. Gets me into trouble! It's the minutes and moments that are proving to be what life's really all about. Shut up ! ... it's true.

Mindful & giving are the two words that I've chosen to be prominent in my life this new year. Being mindful has already proven to be an invaluable aid for someone like me who perpetually finds herself treading water way out there in the deepest (way, way over my head) water/thoughts ... and as it turns out I am very afraid of deep water. Compelled by it, totally ... but very afraid of it. I can't say enough about Eckhart Tolle's book A New Earth and better still to read it along with the podcasts or videos available at Oprah.com (helps make better sense of concepts that go against everything we've ever learned to be).

And giving ... well it's a not word I would use, ever, to describe myself and I do believe it's very true that the more you give in life ... the more you will receive.

Mindful & giving - I think I'll cover a lot of ground with those two.

More early morning shallow thoughts from Black Street
. Wink.


  1. Morning. I was thinking it looked like a very summery day over there.

    Glad Eckhart is sinking in . Ive really got to get through The Artist Way before I begin reading something else, but the podcasts Ive listened to have been insightful.

    I'm up late. Yawning and worrying that I wont get up till late tomorrow. I wont be able to get to sleep thinking about how much I really need to sleep. Tomorrow I will feel tired all day and wont want to do any work. And then Ill have to stay up even later to make up for the time I lost in the morning because I was too tired. Oh no I see a viscous circle happening here.

    Ive really been thinking about getting a cat since reading about Oliver in the last few months. They do give so much love dont they.

    Well, best be off to bed. Night!

  2. I mean vicious! A vicious circle. LOL.

  3. I think perhaps you did mean "viscous"
    Wink. Have a perfect sleep and a perfect new day. xo S & les Gang

    and yes !!! get yourself two kittens - then they'll be buddies, and it's actually much easier because they totally entertain themselves ask anyone whose ever done it. They'll tell you if you plan on getting a kitten - get two. OR adopt an adult cat (or two I guess I believe in pairs) that's also a great option. My miniature golden retriever Oliver who's here beside me sends his love.

  4. Susan, thank you for reminding me about the shallow thinking. I've been going way too deep into my own head recently, so worried about events happening far away that I don't see the blessings all around me.

    Pherenike, we adopted two kittens a couple of years ago (they just showed up in our yard so in a way they adopted us). They have been a joy from day one. They play together, they snuggle together, and they are so much fun! Each has its own distinct personality and are true members of our little "family".

  5. Oh, I adore these fresh, clean, summery pix with Flo's silver pitcher!

  6. I loved reading New Earth, I could not listen to Eckhart because he speaks in a slow monotone and that gets under my nerves. The pictures on your blog as always are lovely.

  7. Susan, I love how the beach glass looks in the jars...and of course little Oliver.

  8. Good morning, sweet Susan. Thank you for the reminder again about my "thinking" process. I really have been struggling off and on this past week (whether I blog about it or not).

    I hope you have a wonderful day!

    Lotsa love! xo

  9. Oh, not shallow thoughts at all. Very sage and helpful ones. Wishing you a happy, productive day. The wind is up here, it's finally sunny, and dreadfully cold. Edward's favorite kind of weather!! I sense a long walk with earmuffs in my near future!! Love to Winnie D!! And you!

  10. as soon as I opened your page I felt better, to see the color of summer is what I needed, than to read your words...I am reading the new earth also for the second time..I may have to check out the podcast deal also..thanks so much.

  11. Such beautiful, summer photos with sweet, sweet Ver. I've definitely been too much in my head lately, stuck there, really. And them waters get dark and deep REAL fast.

  12. Absolutely beautiful photos Susan....and look at the sweetest of all office assistants..... such a soft loving face.......

    yeh.... I bet she meant viscous too...hahahha.... and isn't a circle of thoughts just that?.... perfect!

  13. Sorry to play favourites with your photos Susan but that first one is just beautiful!My focus word for this year is Joy. I hope to remember it in all circusmstances.At the moment it is easy, in holiday mode, with holiday purchases and time on my hands. The challenge will be in the coming months. There is nothing quite so joyless as a school staff meeting. Interesting when you focus on this word, how many things try to suck the joy out of life - news reports in particular.I'm going to bravely push forward with the word "Joy".

  14. you're anything but shallow, susan! love seeing the summer photos. i'm much more compelled to take photos that highlight the wonderful sunlight.

    when you have a moment, please stop over to my blog and receive the award i've given you.

  15. I love this:

    "t's almost always dwelling on the past or fretting about the future that gets us into trouble. Gets me into trouble! It's the minutes and moments that are proving to be what life's really all about. Shut up ! ... it's true."

    --Yes, yes, it's true!

    Lovely photos again. how wonderfully refreshing to come across them when i landed here. It was such a nice change--summery and light. they are exquisite.

    BTw, Susan, your mindful link does not work. Did you enter the URL incorrectly?

  16. Susan, WHAT a pretty kittie ! Flowers aren't bad, either.

  17. Beautiful images and even more wonderful sentiments, thanks for the little reminder, well said. xv

  18. Hmmmmm beach glass. Just to walk the beach and find a piece or two. Every day. Forever.

    Oh yeah, obsessive.


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