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Friday, January 9, 2009


brief and breezy this early morning - a few more favourite things.

Clementines, like candy. Easy to peel, sweet and seedless • a nearly full moon, big and bright and shining in on us this early morning it makes me want to rush and go get bundled up in my down & fleece so Miss Dixon and I can walk this morning in moonlight - she and I will crunch along well lit snowy paths • my toothbrush a Calliste natural bristle toothbrush (I do hope those naturals did die of natural causes however) which I have been using faithfully for the last few months. I had a dental appt. this week, my usual every 4 month cleaning as I am a person who battles the plaque - I unfortunately have that kind of mouth I must always be very diligent with my flossing and regular cleaning appointments. Ruth Anne, the hygienist who's been cleaning my teeth for 15 years nearly fell out of her chair. She was aghast (in a good way) my teeth and gums were so tres beautiful, she was totally amazed (as was I). I chock it all up to this amazing toothbrush. I have searched high and low for another (the original a gift and from somewhere in NYC years ago). The closest thing I can find is here at Bigelow Chemists and I'm hoping that they will ship to Canada - t'is the simple things in life ... like the thrill of a much loved and appreciated toothbrush • I had a dream last night that I adopted a 5 year old, red golden retriever, a boy, slightly overweight from lack of exercise and with a few minor emotional issues - his name was Hedge • yoga - I've been doing yoga and pilate's (DVDs) in my living room this week each morning - just after Miss Dixon and I get back from our walk around this little village in darkness - and before I have my breakfast and begin my day here at the teak topped desk. It feels so great to pay attention to your body, to stretch and strengthen all those many neglected muscles. Not to mention the attention spent on breathing and the relaxation benefits. All necessary tools in the art of being mindful.

Off to walk in the moonlight with my best girl.


  1. Yoga and Pilates are the best aren't they - I need to be more disciplined like you...
    Thank you for stopping by French Brocante (a 2009 work in progress) and please come by French Essence some time, xv.

  2. It all sounds wonderful Susan. I am re-aquainting myself with a big pink exercise ball - great for core strength exercises as is Pilates.I remember some wonderful moonlight walks in flat bush country miles from anywhere, as a young country teacher sharing an old bush farm-house.It was 30 km's from Port Augusta,the last South Australian town before the huge expanse of the outback. I never walked far from the house but I was game come to think of it.We had no telephone.The skies of the Southern Cross were magical - the freedom wonderful. You would have loved the dog we had.

  3. Susan
    Thanks for the heads up on that toothbrush. I need to try it.
    Also pilates...they keep me the stretching too.
    Hope you are staying warm in the wind and weather in your house with your best buddies around you.

  4. As an ex-dental assistant...I applaud your efforts. I don't know if the brush makes the difference...although you should be using a "soft" so that you can easily spend plenty of time working around the gumline...but, the personal time and effort that goes into caring for your mouth definitely does. Way to go....

    I'm back on my workout regime too.... already feeling less lethargic and lost the 3 lbs. I gained over the Christmas weeks.... it's an absolute must for me to keep up with strengthening and weights for the osteoporosis.... but, I never did seem to get back at it as wholeheartedly as I should have since breaking my foot over a year ago....I'm on a roll now though....

  5. What a wonderfully specific dream! I'd be VERY interested to see what comes of it.
    And so much of life is in the details.

  6. Wonderful shot of your clementines. I've been loving them, too, and just picked up another box today.

  7. I was going to write and mention your new body work when I read at Alex's that you were doing it. You are so right about how wonderful it begins to feel (after the aches pass) to begin to pay attention to your body.

    I've said this before, I know, but I feel so shockingly fabulous, PHYSICALLY, these days that at times I must marvel. I know that the combination of working out, snowshoeing/
    walking,plus the new "miracle vitamins" I call them that I began taking two months ago have turned this non tuned and toned body into another creature entirely.


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