Saturday, January 24, 2009

sweet Oliver in our chocolate brown guest room

I'm up a little early this morning ... Pamela (& Edward too I'm sure) mentioned yesterday in their comment left last evening how It is truly a fabulous feeling to know right off the bat that one's time would be better spent elsewhere, isn't it? in reference to my recent whirlwind round of queasy novice player in this strange game of postal match making. And she so hit the nail on the head. I realized reading that comment that that is exactly the confidence that swept over me. I know who I am completely and even though I do feel much of the time like a fish out of water -I'm happy and content. I know what's important to me and I like who I am. If I were looking for a partner in crime, a best friend who's a man, someone who would make me tea when I'm not feeling well ... I don't know at all what that man would look like, what colour hair or eyes he would have, how tall he would be ... or not. But I do know that man would be as kind as kind can be - that *all encompassing kindness. That would be the one quality that is absolutely essential - and that does make it very easy to sort through the contenders - 'cause if I know my girls at the post office they likely have candidates No 2 & 3 waiting in the wings.

Isn't that the most spectacular big patch of sunlight shining in on sweet Oliver, on piles of well worn white cotton pillowcases, on walls the colour of chocolate pudding and on a tiny bedside table found at a local yard sale and topped with very big love, small treasures and much cherished memories.

I could give you the big list, as I am want to do, of all my weekend must do's, should do's, to do's- you know my big plans - but the funny thing is I've been living on the edge of spontaneity lately. Shut Up ! It's crazy I know, and so totally not me. But I've been bandying around a kind of devil may care 'tude when it comes to all that gotta have a plan stuff. I do know that my team of invisible, mute valets have taken the weekend off and are as we speak riding the Bingo Bus bound for Casino-rama in parts North of here... so... I'm not sure who's going to clean the bathroom. Sigh.

On maps and the Geography of Being - tres cool, watch this and smile and I'll have new things dans les etsy shop come Monday. Happy Saturday y'all.

*all encompassing kindness includes being totally crazy about animals of all varieties and persuasions - but of course ... you knew that already.


  1. Good Morning Sweet Susan & gang,
    I do not believe that two halves make a whole. ( the my better half thing)For two people to have a good relationship, it must start with two whole individuals.
    Individuals become whole when they can be content and happy alone. Thus, they can then merge and become a complete couple who inhance each others lives.Kudo's to you for being on the right track at present!

  2. Good morning, sweet sweet Susan. This is a beautiful carefree...I love to come and read your posts every day. I wish you a VERY beautiful weekend!!

    Much love!! xoxo

  3. PS I posted a HAPPY post today...come check it out when you have time. It is just adorable! :P

  4. It is such a beautiful morn! I love reading your blog. I'm new to the blogging world, but am learning new and very interesting stuff every time I log on. As I was reading your blog this morn I thought about a praise song we sang last Sunday called "I Know Who I Am" by Israel & New Breed. It sums it up for me. Don't know how to link to my blog yet, so google the song and listen to it. Before any relationship will work...we definitely have to know who we are and what our purpose is first. Have a blessed day!

  5. good weekend to you !
    I just learned something from visiting your site. What a giclee print is. I've seen the word hundreds of times in reference to many things. I knew it was a print of some sort, but after checking your etsy site, I did some personal research on what it was. Sounds rather expensive, though. I don't think I'm ready for that much expense until I know I could sell multiple copies. I also learned how to pronounce the dagnabbit word. Thanks!

  6. your kitty...looks as though he is as content and all knowing of the universe...I tend to think our creatures reflect who we are inside..have a wonderful weekend.

  7. My Dear Susan! I celebrate you today!!! Out here in the blogosphere, we ALL think you are just "the bee's knees" and are thrilled to hear/see you OWN IT!!! Good for you for not wasting your time chasing someone else's rainbow! I married for the first time at 46 after meeting my husband in the workplace. We became great friends over a couple of years and only became romantically involved about 3 months after each of us left to work other places. He is the kindest, most loving, generous help-mate EVER!!! I am blessed. Never thought marriage was in the cards for me and I was fine with that. God had other plans and I am glad HE surprised me...otherwise I am SURE I would have attempted to talk HIM out of this life HE led me to! Your life is too precious to waste! It says in the Bible: "cast not your pearls before swine"....and honey, the whole world is YOUR oyster! You are much loved Susan!


  8. well....the girls at the post office will have to go some to find the right guy... and he better be a Rex Murphy twin with handy guy/tea and toast making/animal loving/dog walking genes thrown in... and he damn well better be an all 'round nice guy or I will personally come over there and kick his ass all the way to the curb...

    I've been wracking my brain for about a year to see if I know the right man for you...and even though my brother did spring to mind for several reasons... he might not quite measure up to Rex in the conversation department...
    My Mom found the most amazing man(many years her junior)... in the last 4 years of her life... he faded into the woodwork after she died. If I could find him, I would be paying his way to the east coast to meet you... he would be pretty much perfect. Sweet Cecil.. loved books, music, discussions on just about anything, animals, Mom, the ocean (we three threw many a note in a bottle into the briny in her last year) ...he was the kindest man I ever met other than my guy....... just thinking of how special he was brings a tear to my eye... he became like a brother to my sister and me.

  9. I think I've said this before but I'll say it again. This place - your blog - is so peaceful. I actually come away feeling contented and calmer.
    Have fun with the spontaneity!

  10. I completely agree with you about kindness, it's probably the MOST important quality a person can have. Everything else follows from there.

  11. may i come snuggle up with oliver on those soft cotton linens in that wonderful glow of sunshine surrounded by the yummy chocolate walls??

    after being divorced and single for way too many years to count, it was easy to know when the right man came along. you're on the right track in acknowledging that you know who you are and what you don't want!!

    take care! presley sends dog bone kisses!!

  12. "a best friend who's a man, someone who would make me tea when I'm not feeling well ..."

    How very interesting that you list him making tea. I thought no women here (...oh, that's right, you're in Canada!) appreciate such things!

    Love the photo. you being content in yourself is maybe why this blog is so good to come to. Take care, my Nova Scotia friend.

  13. Oliver looks dreamy in the sun! I know what your mean about valuing kindness in a mate. It's essential.
    I have it posted on my blog too, "Practice Kindness." It serves as a easy to get caught up in feelings and behaviors...and to forget about what is important.


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