bon jour

Friday, January 23, 2009

bon jour - mini poster art print

And another bonne jour it is. A cold windchill day (sad face) but the good news is the heavy veil of queasiness has been lifted in one fell email (and only #2) in which it became crystal clear that this was not to be a match made in heaven or otherwise (for all of you who have been on the edge of your seats since yesterday's Queasy report). I'm feeling, this early morning, tres relieved and happy to find out these glaring differences in compatibility so soon out of the gate and it seems Mr Monsieur is not at all interested in affairs of the platonic nature so hey who am I to argue ... those girls (les office postal) were hoping perhaps we'd at the very least become outdoor nature lovin' friends ... the male friend - is there really such a thing ??? she ponders. *Gay men of course the most excellent exception.

Now in the past (and fairly recent so) I would somehow try to make this all my fault. You know the I'm not ____ enough list or the I'm way too _____ list that we can conjure up on a dime to reaffirm to ourselves that some how we're just not worthy. But it's funny I don't feel that way this morning. I feel more confident and excepting of who I am then I can ever remember feeling (and these differences in compatibility were fairly glaring - that does help -wink). I don't feel apologetic for being the quirky (I know that's putting it mildly), shy, possibly reclusive (who am I kidding), way left of centre, animal loving freak that I am, or who I most often show up to be in this tiny rural (underlined) village - a fish out of water, I am, and with a view of the harbour. Sigh. But ... you know there are people in this little village, at least a couple, like the girls in the post office - who love me just the way I am.

A big reason for this new found confidence in who I am and what I'm all about is because of this blog. This blog has shown me who I am ... It's definitely a journal, my journal and I'm pretty wide open here and have been since the beginning. I talk about how I feel about everything and I don't hold back much. I've never been good at that - holding back my feelings. I've always been that Heart on Sleeve girl. Many of you have been here with me, with us, for a long, long time and many of you comment daily (which I love) and let me know that either you've felt the same feelings, that you understand or you send your support and love. Over time it's helped me tremendously to grow and become a much stronger confident person. I know that most of you who visit are women (with the wonderful exception of Mmmm and recent new visitor Pink Cowboy), and most a similar age and like character to moi which is tres comforting - birds of a feather and all. It's days like today, this new bon jour that I want to say a really BIG thank you ... to all of you.

merci mon amis !!

You know the drill ... more java, bubbles & scent and a day blissfully spent building that darn ol' Creative Empire with the constant company of my family of animals.


  1. Fish out of water? I think not ole girl..........You are a unique creature and it would take another unique creature to make that...
    (Made in Heaven)match. Mr.E-mail
    is obviously lacking in the unique
    department......lacking period if you ask me.Being with ones self can be a good thing sometimes and you have the gang to keep you company!

  2. Another beautiful 'masterpiece' that you have created, sweet Susan. :) And I'm glad to hear that your blog has made such a positive impact on you. I'm so happy for you!

    Much love to you and the little furry gang! xo

  3. Good morning, Susan. It's nice to come here every morning and know you will have new things to share with us. We regular visitors do indeed share similar thoughts. You are better than most at putting them into words. "Fish out of water" (in a good way) people are hard to find, but when we find them we recognize each other. We are individuals who think for ourselves and who have come to know ourselves through years of searching.
    Didn't mean to sound so serious... glad the queasiness is gone!

  4. I'm glad it was crystal clear to you and that the queasiness is gone now. I find a lot of comfort in reading your blog because we are "birds of a feather".

  5. Thank goodness for e-mail. It's great that these days you can get a sense of another person before you have to go to some excruciatingly awkward coffee date. When the differences are glaring, they come through quite early. So happy you are taking this in stride so confidently.

    It's meant a lot to me to find you and "travel" your paths along with you. I know the very best is yet to come, but I'm so happy that the now is looking awfully good to you too!

  6. thank you for just being who you are spreading the confidence...have a wonderful weekend

  7. I'm glad you didn't blame yourself when it was clear Monsieur wasn't a match, some things aren't meant to be. Truly, I often wonder how uncomplicated my life could be without a romantic relationship.

  8. It is truly a fabulous feeling to know right off the bat that one's time would be better spent elsewhere, isn't it? Life is way too short. Male friends are possible, but watch out, I married mine!

    And you know, that last sentence of yours sounds pretty darn good to me!!

  9. Susan, I know what you mean about the blog helping you to find yourself. I feel the same way. It's a powerful way to share and connect with what is really happening in your heart and mind. And it's completely okay to wear it on your sleeve, too! I came by once before but somehow lost the way. I'll be back. You are most welcome to visit my Oasis too.

  10. What a pleasant surprise to find me listed here among your rare male contingent of visitors.

    I love oyur blog, yes, i may not visit every day but certainly go back like enow and catch up and then leave comments as I go along.-breadcrumbs of my visit. I love someone who can not be afraid of their emotions. they are so complicated but so wonderful too, don't you think?

    "I don't feel apologetic for being the quirky (I know that's putting it mildly), shy, possibly reclusive (who am I kidding), way left of centre, animal loving freak that I am, "

    --Love this. how very true and a witty observation of yourself, to boot.

    So, Susan, what's wrong with me? I too am a fish out of water. Most men's blogs I have absolutely noooo interest in. They are too objective, too much sports or what have you. Women's blog, generally, are so much more interesting--complex creatures that you lot are! I love it.


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