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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Em - polaroid 1993

Don't you love the Missoni inspired wallpaper (everything old truly is new again) in the background. The previous owners of this old brick house had wisely covered up tres bumpy and imperfect walls with wallpaper. Most of the rooms were wallpapered. Wallpaper hides a multitude of sins. They had also installed quite high end wall to wall carpet through-out, also covering up unpainted and unfinished softwood boards on the second floor and old and very tired linoleum on the first. But hey, thinks she's goin' be Martha girl decides to rip it all out in those early years of of course I want to live in a hundred year+ old fixer-upper. All of the wallpaper and all of the carpet were gone very early on and many of those big dreamed and schemed projects still are waiting to be finished, who am I kidding they're still waiting to be begun. Stalled indefinitely sometime in the 90's by the constant theme of indecisiveness (being a designer can sometimes be curse), a continued and ongoing lack of funds, and no skilled labour to be found, actually no labour of any kind ... to be found.

When this photo was taken I had just arrived in this little village from my previous life in an art room on the 8th floor at College & Bay. I'd escaped my big city life, a sinking relationship and days filled with crowds, noise, concrete and busyness. I had moved home, I had moved to the ocean. My golden girl Emma Jane was also beginning a new life with me and her second home at a year old. She and I and Ernst & Lulu (who moved here with me) were all beginning our new life together.

It's a balmy -5 outside and good riddance to that terrible arctic freeze weather. Tramp bubbles and coffee refills await. Phew ! it's Tuesday, Monday slipped by.

9:30 am - You know it's funny it's a very huge day up here in Canada as well. Obama's inauguration coverage will be live on every station and every network. Big screen TV's are being fired up in bars and restaurants all across our country. Church basements are opening up and TV's and radio's are being turned on.
This is a very big deal ... to all of us.

Bonjour Hope ! Hooray Hope !


  1. Susan.........I think your "new life" is a good thing and your babes love it,don't they? Have a great Tuesday!

  2. Susan, we here in the USA are so happy to share this wonderful day with you... and with all the world! We feel reconnected now.

  3. Susan
    This is a very very good day..glad you are sharing in our joy.
    Heading next door soon to a neighborhood brunch in honour of new president.
    We will watch the event and parade on their big screen.
    I hope you can watch some of it on your tv stations too.

  4. Not TOTAL joy by EVERY person in the US. Some of us want to wait and see how may trillions of our tax dollars get thrown at the wall to see what sticks.

  5. Hey Leenie ... ya gotta admit I'm seeing & hearin' a whole lot joy and a whole lot of hope coming from everywhere this day. And maybe you'll get to use some of the trillions, gazillions and bazillions of dollars currently lost on a war which no one knows quite why we're fighting.

    And hey ... at the very least you just elected a black man as the President of the USA ... that alone is cause enough for cheer.

  6. Well, I for one feel cheerful. And I agree about all that money spent on war. Think of everything else that could have been done with it.

  7. And now you're contemplating another big change, that's pretty brave.
    I may be moving home again too, to the ocean. I'd like to wait until it's a little warmer though.

  8. We are weeping with happiness here as our new President Obama takes charge at long last. It has been a long shameful eight years! Thanks so much for your good wishes!

    And I love the photo!!
    X's and O's from Edward, Apple and me!

  9. ... and he and Michelle are so cool and stylish. Jealous we Canadians are !! and believe me we have not felt jealous for a very long time. Check out Stephen Harper if you must.

  10. I think the wallpaper is trippy, it reminds me of my dad's office in the 70's. Since j'aime le style retro, I liked it. Got your comment on Wuthering Heights. I watched the first episode and was disappointed. The actors do not bring anything new to the characters. I think I much prefer the old cinematic version from 1939with Merle Oberon and Sir Lawrence Olivier. A la prochaine...


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