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Saturday, January 3, 2009

snow covered

Miss Winnie Dixon
is totally fine. Hooray - she's once again wriggling, and dancing and spinning with joy as is her standard nature • Mama slept really well last night tucked into the nest of down & flannel, sweet funny dreams of mansions and parties • I did get up at 3am to turn the furnace down a notch and felt so wide awake, I considered for a moment, getting up - crazy girl • I have a list of things I'd like to accomplish this weekend and I'm feeling inspired, invigorated and enthusiastic • I have a year's worth of paperwork, receipts, invoices and bank statements to organize and file in my 2008 accordion file folder. A job daunting to begin, but oh so tres rewarding to complete. I want to clean off the big black work table that sits in les office opposite the teak topped desk and I will set up my sewing machine - and thread the bobbin :-( one never knows when the urge to sew may hit. I plan to retrieve much loved photos (most of them of my big red joy - Jake) and tiny movie clips of my three dog life from my old laptop and install them on my new 24" imac - I have a few new ideas and projects a brewing • Miss D and I can't wait to bundle up & get outside this early morning and walk around our little village in darkness, with crunching snow under our feet, cool air on our cheeks, she and I will follow the glow from the street lights and the edges of the snowbanks as we trail up and down the quiet streets • current song happily stuck in my head by Feist another Canadian super talent although I think she lives in Paris - lucky her (Paris or maybe in a little village by the Sea) • blue skies and lots of bubbles

happy Saturday


  1. Glad Miss Winnie Dixon is better. Best wishes on the projects. I dusted off my sewing machine yesterday. Wow! it still works! Jealous of your imac.

  2. i'm so glad miss d is feeling better. your snow is so pretty! i too have daunting lists that will take a kick to get started but will make me very happy when i'm done.

  3. for just a tic of a second you had me wondering what beautiful red berries those could be ...still bright and covered in new snow....

    yaaaay Miss Winnie D........ and whew.. Maybe it was a "nasty" something she ingested before you caught up to her on your walks...

    a friend with a bulldog just had to force hers to vomit (using some peroxide??) that doesn't sound great for the mouth and throat tissue to me... .. because the silly thing swallowed a BIG squeaky toy....

  4. Your pictures are lovely and peaceful. Good luck on the sorting of your papers, cleaning off the black work desk and transferring pictures. And I'm looking forward to your new ideas.

    And say...I like the music you posted...funny...I found a new artist today and posted it. I think you will enjoy her!! :)

  5. Yay for Miss D! Lovely photos...I had the urge to thread my bobbin today, too. Maybe it'll happen tomorrow. :D

  6. Glad to hear your pup is feeling better...that's always such a helpless feeling. You snow pictures are beautiful! Happy Organizing!

  7. Ah, so we share an affection for Gerald Durrell and for Feist!! In addition to other furry things. How I do wish we could have lunch sometime!!

  8. fun song, great artist, great words and imagery here too in your post. Love it. happy, productive weekend, Susan.


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